Company News How to prepare hcg solutions?

How to prepare hcg solutions?

2023-03-07     Company News

In the bodybuilding space, Often use hCG in combination with various AAS cycles.

HCG is in vials or ampoules as freeze-dried powder (freeze-dried). The commonly used hCG solutions specifications are 2000IU, 5000IU and 10000IU.

When preparing hCG solutions, the concentration of hCG per ml of solution depends on the concentration of freeze-dried powder and the volume of thinner. For example, if 5000IUs hCG is diluted with 5ml of solvent, the resulting solution contains 1000IUs hCG per ml. Similarly, if 5000IU hCG is diluted with 10ml of solvent, the resulting solution contains 500IU/ml of hCG.

How to prepare and inject you hcg solutions is described in detail below

1. Prepare hCG power, 5000IU as an example, bacteriostatic water, sterilized alcohol, 25 gauge syringe (or 27 gauge syringe)

2. Open the cap of hCG and antibacterial water to reveal the rubber cork, through which the syringe needle insert into the bottle.

3. Use alcohol to disinfect rubber stoppers of hCG powder bottles and antibacterial water bottles

4. Open the cap of the syringe needle and disinfect it with alcohol.

5. Insert the sterilized syringe needle into the antibacterial water bottle from the rubber stopper, and draw 2ml antibacterial water in two times.

A helpful trick is to fill the bacteriab bottle with as much air as you want to pump out, in this case preventing a vacuum in the bacteriab bottle and helping to pump out the solvent faster.

6. Pour 2ml of the extracted bacterial-inhibiting water into the hcg power bottle.

We now have 2ml of the formulated solution containing 5000IU hCG, so each 0.1ml of solution contains 250iu hCG. If our dose is 500IU per day, 0.2ml of the finished solution should be taken each time.

If you need to replace a smaller needle, sterilize it.

7. Remove the poisoned syringe and extract 0.2ml of finished hCG solution. Use alcohol to disinfect the needle and the skin at the injection site. Then, the needle is inserted under the skin and the plunger is slowly pushed to complete the injection.

8. After the injection, put the hCG solutions in the refrigerator for storage.

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