Company News How to prepare store and use hCG solution?

How to prepare store and use hCG solution?

2023-01-05     Company News

HCG was the earliest drug used in PCT and is a common drug used by Bodybuilders to restore testosterone levels. Then, it is very important to know how to prepare store and use hCG solution.

How to prepare hCG solution?

When preparing hCG solutions, the concentration of hCG per ml of solution depends on the concentration of freeze-dried powder and the volume of thinner. For example, if 5000IUs hCG is diluted with 5ml of solvent, the resulting solution contains 1000IUs hCG per ml. Similarly, if 5000IU hCG is diluted with 10ml of solvent, the resulting solution contains 500IU/ml of hCG.

Bacteriostatic water should be used as a solvent when preparing a 30-day dose at a time.

Because sterile water-diluted solutions are more likely to breed bacteria than oily solutions, the top of the bottle should always be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol when injecting hCG solutions, and the needle used for injection must also be sterile.

Due to the fragility of protein hormones, if kept at room temperature after preparation, the molecules will denature and be destroyed, and hCG will become ineffective.

Violent shaking of the recombinant hCG will also destroy the protein molecules and should be avoided during preparation.

How to store HCG?

hCG is sealed in vials or ampoules as freeze-dried powder (freeze-dried). The commonly used hCG specifications are 2000IU, 5000IU and 10000IU.

hCG freeze-dried powder should be stored at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius. It should be reformulated with appropriate bacteriostatic water (or sterile water) before administration. The hCG solution needs to be refrigerated at a temperature of about 2-8 degrees Celsius.

The prepared hCG solution should be used within 30 days as far as possible.

How to inject hCG?

hCG is administered primarily by intramuscular injection (IM), but also subcutaneously (SC).

An average (3ml 22-25G x ½-1 ½") syringe was sufficient for IM injection, but an insulin syringe (½-1ml 28-30G x ½-1") was recommended for SC injection.

The study found little difference in results between intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. The only difference is the speed of release at the injection site and the time it takes to reach the plasma peak. Intramuscular injection is 6 hours, subcutaneous injection is 16-20 hours.


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