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Do you still hesitate to make a hard choice between pursuing higher quality muscles and the side effects of taking bodybuilding supplies?

Best Sarms could help you.

1. Sarms Safe depend on it is working method.

2. Sarms is orally taken.No injection pain!

3. Sarms Powder could stacking with steroids and Peptides.

4. Meet all your needs, gain muscle, weight loss and better endurance.


How Sarms Work?

  • Sarms is a selective androgen receptor modulator

    Real SARMs products include:LGD-4033, Andarine, YK11, S-23, AC-262536, ACP105. These products belong to the same category, but each has a different focus

    LGD4033: it selectively binds to androgen receptors in muscle and bone. It has anabolic activity in muscle and inhibitory absorption and anabolic activity in bone. Its selectivity in muscle is higher than that in prostate. This means that they have similar effects as steroids

    S4 andarine: restricts glucose absorption into cells and promotes protein synthesis without resorting to insulin or any growth hormone. In addition to promoting protein synthesis, it can also prevent the production of myostatin and target the binding of male receptors, so as to increase protein synthesis and contribute to muscle growth while reducing subcutaneous fat and increasing lean weight. The effect is similar to that of kanglilong and oxyandron

    YK11: secretion inhibitor of somatostatin

    AC262: it has mild affinity for androgen receptor. Once activated, androgen receptor will produce testosterone, which can enhance muscle mass, improve bone density, and enlarge sexual tissue

    ACP105: as a safer alternative to androgen, it has a strong anabolic effect, which is equivalent to but safer than testosterone.


  • Other "SARMs" are basically agonists,

    The first thing to introduce is the very popular mk677.

    MK677: popular because it is an agonist of ghrelin receptor (GHS-R). From this definition, we can know that mk677 can increase the secretion of several hormones including growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Will people who have used hGH be very excited?

    Cardarine GW501516 is PPAR δ Receptor agonists. PPAR δ It regulates many different biological activities, such as lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, mitochondrial respiration, skeletal muscle reorganization, thermogenesis, inflammation, keratinization, cell differentiation and wound healing Whether cardarine improves endurance, or regulates lipid metabolism and mitochondrial respiration, it helps bodybuilder to increase muscle and reduce body fat.

    Stenabolic sr9009 is Rev Erba α Agonist of. The nuclear receptor Rev-erb protein is responsible for a variety of functions in the body. The processes dependent on the nuclear receptor Rev-erb include energy, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It can significantly improve the athletic ability of bodybuilder, help better exercise and achieve the goal faster.

    Acadesine / AICAR is an amp activated protein kinase activator. AMPK, which mainly controls cell metabolism.AICAR can greatly improve the performance by activating AMPK, which is up to 40% - 50% higher than the traditional endurance performance. AMPK contributes to glucose uptake, regulates mitochondrial function, and provides continuous power for bodybuilder.

Sarms Manufacturing Process

Sarms Manufacture mainly steps:Impurity →removal decolorization →recrystallization →distillation →drying→deodorization.

    All chemical substances of SARMs are synthesized.

    Generally, there are more than 20 steps from raw materials to final products of SARMs.The reaction conditions required for each step are different. After nearly ten years of hard work, we have now perfected every step.

    Therefore, we can now maintain stable and high-quality SARMs powder production

    At present, the largest reactor is used to produce mk677, S4, mk2866, GW501516 and other hot products. For new products, such as lgd3303, rad150 is a pilot reactor, and the output is about 50kg each time. The SARMs in the latest research is a small-scale reactor.

    After more than 20 steps in the reactor, we need to filter the impurities in the SARMs stock solution. This process is an important step to improve the purity.

    The filtered raw liquid needs to pass through the high-temperature box to turn it into a powder crystalline state.

    Then decolorization and deodorization are required to make the product easier to use after it is made into a finished product.

    After this step is completed, we will test the purity of the product in the laboratory. The commonly used instrument is Chromatograph(HPLC-MS)and mass spectrometer(HNMR).



Quality | Price | Service
  • Quality

    ● Inspect all the products manually
    ● Inspect every batch of incoming raw material
    ● HPLC report for each batch of goods
  • Price

    ● Samples fee reduce from bulk
    ● Really EX-factory
    ● Free technical guidance
  • Service

    ● Reply in 1 hours
    ● Quote in 30 minutes
    ● Short lead time

Take our own sales as an example.

In 2010, most of our business came from steroids.

In 2015, SARMs began to appear, and the breakthrough from small-scale test to pilot test was completed by the route of customization and R & D. the sales volume also accounted for 15% of the company's turnover.

According to last year's turnover, it can now keep pace with steroid.

As a manufacturer that has operated in this industry for more than 20 years, our sales data is sufficient to show that SARMs powder has become unstoppable. In the future, more and more people will choose this safe and convenient bodybuilding supply.

This is a very good market, so whether you are reseller, dealer and coach, it is a good project to choose to develop the local market of SARMs.

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