Company News Does sarms Yk11 needs pct?

Does sarms Yk11 needs pct?

2023-01-06     Company News

Many Sarms, which are using at normal doses, are not ask for pct. But yk11 is different. yk11 is so powerful that it has some side effects. So, after the yk11 cycle, there's usually a pct cycle.

pct, also known as post cycle treatment, is to eliminate the effects of drugs on the body during the bodybuilding cycle. The powerful effect of Yk11, the main side effects to bodybuilder include testosterone inhibition, hair growth, liver toxicity and so on.

Why sarms yk11 needs pct?

Yk11 has a steroid-like structure and the basic skeleton of steroids, so yk11 has a certain androgen. Androgens play important roles in the body by promoting protein synthesis and muscle growth and maintenance, stimulating red blood cell production and bone growth. If the bodybuilder is suffering from low testosterone levels, supplementing with yk11 may alleviate the low testosterone symptoms to some extent.

If the bodybuilder itself has normal hormone levels, supplementation of yk11, which acts as an androgen in the body, will have an inhibitory effect on endogenous testosterone. In order to balance the levels of androgens in the body, the body will reduce the production of endogenous testosterone, resulting in low testosterone symptoms.

We know that when bodybuilder uses anabolic steroids, there is must a pct after cycle. Although yk11 inhibits testosterone much less than anabolic steroids, it still inhibits endogenous testosterone levels in bodybuilder due to Yk11's steroid skeleton.

 What will happen If there is no pct?

The body itself also has a certain ability of self-regulation. When yk11 cycle is over and yk11 is stopped, the body will find that the secretion of endogenous testosterone is insufficient, and self-regulation will be made to increase the secretion of endogenous testosterone, thus making its own testosterone level rise slowly. But since it is a slow ascent, this speed may be too slow for bodybuilder. bodybuilder is ready to move into the next bodybuilding cycle at any time, to achieve goals as quickly as possible, there is no way to wait long.

Moreover, while waiting, the normal level of endogenous testosterone has not risen enough to maintain the muscle that has been produced, so there is a high risk that hard-earned muscle will be lost during waiting. So it's not worth the wait.

Therefore, timely pct not only helps eliminate the side effects brought by yk11 cycle, which is conducive to the timely recovery of the body, but also can maintain the size and mass of the muscle acquired and avoid muscle loss.

How to deal with yk11 pct?

Because Yk11 is a selective androgen receptor modulator with the basic skeleton of steroids, yk11 has a powerful effect that differs from sarm. Also because yk11 has the basic skeleton of steroids, so yk11 also has the side effects that general sarm does not have, in addition to testosterone inhibition, hair growth, liver toxicity, etc. And because yk11 is sarm, it has far fewer androgenic side effects than anabolic steroids.

Although yk11 has fewer side effects than anabolic steroids, it is still necessary to increase pct cycle for the body to recover and maintain the muscle gained as quickly as possible.

The pct cycle of Yk11 is usually 3-4 weeks, and the pct cycle is usually half of the bodybuilding cycle. That is, if the bodybuilding cycle is 8 weeks, the pct cycle is 4 weeks.

The Yk11 pct cycle usually begins two weeks before the end of the yk11 bodybuilding cycle.

If the bodybuilding cycle is 8 weeks, the pct cycle begins at week 6 of the bodybuilding cycle and continues for another 2 weeks of pct after the bodybuilding cycle ends. A week is a 4-week pct cycle.

The usual drugs used for yk11 pct cycle are nolvadex and clomid.

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