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Does sarms Yk11 needs pct?

Does sarms Yk11 needs pct?

Many Sarms, which are using at normal doses, are not ask for pct. But yk11 is different. yk11 is so powerful that it has some side effects. So, after the yk11 cycle, there's usually a pct cycle. pct, also known as post cycle treatment, is to eliminate the effects of drugs on the body …

YK11 SARM: How It Works, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

YK11 SARM ((17α,20 E) 17 α- 17, 20 - [(1 - Methoxyethyleneidene) bis (oxy)] -3-oxo-19 - norpregna - 4, 20 - diene - 21 - carboxy Methyl acid) is a chemically designed myostatin inhibitor for medical reasons. SARM YK11 is the most potent myostatin inhibitor on the market. YK11 was first studied in 2011 …

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