Sarms powder YK11 YK11 SARM: How It Works, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects
YK11 SARM: How It Works, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects
  • YK11 SARMS
  • YK11 SARM: How It Works, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

    Product Name YK11
    CAS 431579-34-9
    Appearance white powder
    Purity 99%min
    Package 10g,100g 500g and 1kg
    Min Order 10g
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    • Description

    YK11 SARM ((17α,20 E) 17 α- 17, 20 - [(1 - Methoxyethyleneidene) bis (oxy)] -3-oxo-19 - norpregna - 4, 20 - diene - 21 - carboxy Methyl acid) is a chemically designed myostatin inhibitor for medical reasons. SARM YK11 is the most potent myostatin inhibitor on the market.

    YK11 was first studied in 2011 by Japanese researcher Yuihi Kanno. YK11 attaches to androgen receptors and helps inhibit myostatin production in muscles, allowing them to produce more FST and thus grow muscle.

    The effect of myostatin on muscles

    There are two proteins known to control muscle size and quantity: Myostatin and Activin A
    Myostatin, a protein naturally produced by the body, limits muscle size. Activin A limits muscle differentiation to increase number.
    Myostatin is a member of the transforming growth factor-β superfamily.

    Originally discovered in 1997 by biogeneticists, they found that mice lacking the code for myostatin had roughly twice the size of normal mice. Later, natural deficiencies in various types of myostatin were found in some breeds of cattle, sheep, and humans, in each case the result was a dramatic increase in muscle mass, leading to the discovery of the role of myostatin in muscle. The relationship between - myostatin prevents muscle growth.

    What is Myostatin?

    Myostatin is also known as GDF8(growth Differentiation factor 8). In a 1997 experimental report, Mcpherron et al. demonstrated the biological effects of targeted disruption of the mouse growth and differentiation factor 8(GDF8) gene. Mice deficient in GDF8 had significantly larger body size than wild-type mice and generally increased skeletal muscle mass. The weight of single muscle in mice lacking GDF8 gene expression is 2-3 times that of wild mice, and the increase of muscle mass is the result of muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia. These experiments established that GDF8 peptide is the main participant in inhibiting muscle growth, which was named Myostain. So myostatin is also known as GDF8.

    Myostatin is a member of the transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) superfamily of signal peptides, which is specifically expressed in developing and adult skeletal muscle.

    Myostatin expression limits muscle size during development, consistent with multiple factors that shape bones, blood vessels, and limbs associated with ectodermal growth patterns. Myoblasts regulate the expression of PAX-3 and MYF-5, important transcription factors for myoblast proliferation, and myO-D, which promotes muscle differentiation. In response to myostatin, which inhibits muscle production and differentiation.

    Myostatin regulates the growth and differentiation of muscle cells and limits the growth of skeletal muscle to prevent muscle from becoming too large.

    This may be related to the body's self-regulation, its own muscles, need a lot of calories and protein to maintain, the more muscle production, need to eat more calories and protein, this may be against "frugality", so myostatin limits muscle production and development.

    This also explains why the muscle gained on a low-calorie diet is used up, because our bodies assume that we don't have enough food and, in order to help us live longer, break down the muscle tissue groups that use more energy.

    In fact, muscle is not the most energy-consuming tissue in the body. The proper functioning of basic organs such as the brain, heart, liver and kidneys uses about 58 percent of energy, muscle about 22 percent, fat about 5 percent, and the remaining 16 percent includes our skin, bones and other internal organs. But the brain, heart, liver, skin and internal organs must take priority, so the body has to work with a larger proportion of muscle tissue.

    The existence of Myostatin itself is a form of protection for the human body. However, with the development of human society, people will no longer encounter problems in food and clothing, but more attractive appearance, which is the reason why the crowd of bodybuilding is growing.

    Myostatin stands in the way of BodyBuilder's pursuit of bigger and more defined muscles.

    Meanwhile, the amount of myostatin produced by skeletal muscle increases with age, so the older you get, the harder it is to maintain muscle.

    Unless you have a rare disease, myostatin in your body limits muscle growth. Even if your bodybuilding hard and keep your diet clean, there is no way to gain more muscle growth. Unless you lower your myostatin levels.

    YK11 is designed to act on myostatin, reduce the amount of myostatin in the body, and in combination with bodybuilding, rapidly increase muscle mass. YK11 is known as the strongest SARM for muscle building.

    How does YK11 work?

    In terms of chemical structure, YK11 SARM is similar to DHT, but obviously different from SARM. YK11 is actually a DHT derivative.

    When DHT enters the body, it simply replaces the hormone system and accelerates muscle growth, but YK11 does not act in this way. YK11 works according to the SARM principle. YK11 binds to androgen receptors in cells and triggers the release of FST, which prevents myostatin from blocking muscle growth. Thus, YK11 breaks the genetic limit and allows people who do not build muscle easily to do so.

    YK11 also increased protein kinase production. Protein kinases are enzymes responsible for strengthening bones, which not only promote muscle mass, but also bone health.

    YK11 SARM vs Steroids

    The chemical structure of YK11 is similar to that of DHT, and both act by binding to androgen receptors.

    If you look closely at the chemical structure of YK11, you will find that DHT is present along with beta-glycerophosphate and ascorbate, which may suggest that YK11 is a DHT-derived steroid.

    YK11 SARM helps build muscle faster than any other SARM. The gain in muscle growth and strength gain is comparable to that of anabolic steroids.

    Molecular structure comparison of YK11 and DHT:

    SARM's masculinizing side effects are minimal, but its anabolic power is mostly inferior to that of testosterone. However, the study tested using C2C12 muscle cells and found that exposure of muscle cells to 500nmol of YK11 resulted in more efficient synthesis than exposure to 500nmol of DHT.

    YK11 SARM induces muscle cells to produce more FST than DHT. In this role, YK11 is just as good as testosterone at growing and strengthening muscle, but with fewer side effects.

    YK11 vs SARM?

    1.YK11 is not a typical selective androgen receptor modulator, but a novel SARM. In fact, opinions divid on whether it is a SARM or not, since all other Sarms are non-steroidal.

    2.Since YK11 is a partial agonist of androgen receptor with gene-selective properties, but YK11 also has the chemical structure and skeleton of anabolic steroids. For this reason, some manufacturers call it steroid SARM.

    3.YK11 is the only Drug in SARM that acts on myostatin.

    4.YK11 is more powerful than other SArms and is more effective at building muscle.

    As an inhibitor of myostatin, YK11 acts in a unique way, which is different from other Sarms.

    5.YK11 has anabolic activity.

    6.YK11 inhibits dihydrotestosterone (DHT) activity.

    7.YK11 can activate and up-regulate follistatin.

    YK11 benefit

    Muscle growth

    Bodybuilders supports muscle growth with YK11, the fastest muscle building supplement of all samrs, and the first choice for bodybuilders entering the bottleneck period.

    Over the course of up to 6 weeks of YK-11 cycles, anecdotal experience tells us that bodybuilders gain as much as 10 pounds of muscle mass.

    YK11 is effective in people with a genetic trait that has a low potential to gain muscle mass. Because some people are naturally high in myostatin, it is difficult to gain muscle mass. YK11 acts as an inhibitor of myostatin and can grow muscle and improve muscle performance with the help of YK11 even if BodyBuilder does not have the correct genetic architecture.

    Good for bone health

    YK11 SARM induces myogenic differentiation and selective gene regulation.

    Studies have shown that YK11 accelerates cell proliferation and mineralization in mouse osteoblasts. Compared with cells without YK11 treatment, YK11 treatment increased osteoblast-specific differentiation markers, such as osteoprotegerin and osteocalcin. Which promotes bone growth.

    YK11 SARM increases the amount of activated PKB (protein kinase B) in the body. PKB is responsible for the growth of bone cells. This means that YK11 supports bone health and reduces bone fragility.

    Image: YK11 accelerates osteoblast proliferation by acting similarly to DHT

    YK11 SARM

    Reduce the body fat

    While energy production increases, fat burning increases. Yk11 is helpful for fat loss, but yk11 is not as good as lgd4033 and gw501516, so it only assists in fat loss during bodybuilding.

    YK11 Dosage

    Because there are no human data on YK11, there is no exact dose.

    The clinical dose of YK11 is 10 to 15mg in twice-daily doses. Generally, the dose of YK11 is 5-10mg, which can obtain a good effect. The usual dose of YK11 chosen for BodyBuilder is 5-30mg/day.

    The dose of YK11 for female BodyBuilder is 0.5-2mg/day.

    Most Bodybuilders take YK11 orally and some Bodybuilders take YK11 by injection.

    Below is YK11 Cycle for Bodybuilding:

    From Week 1 to Week 4: 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening

    From week 5 to week 8: Daily dose increased to 15mg. 5mg in the morning, 5mg before Bodybuilding, 5mg in the evening.

    From week 9 to Week 12 (this cycle is only available for professional Bodybuilders. Generally, YK11 cycle of 8 weeks is enough for Bodybuilders): Increase the daily dose to 20mg. 10mg in the morning, 5mg before Bodybuilding, 5mg in the evening.

    YK11 stack

    YK11+Ligandrol LGD4033+ Testolone RAD140.

    YK11 Stack with other Sarms is generally not recommended. Because the YK11 is one of the most powerful SArms on the market, stacking it with other weaker SArms would be a waste. You only have so many androgen receptors in your body. Stacking YK11 with another SARM would only waste some of these receptors because the other SARM would bind to some of them.

    And if you stack them with YK11, there are some compounds that do very well. These compounds are MK677, Cardarine and SR9009.

    These three compounds are non-hormonal (non-inhibitory) and therefore work well when used with SARM. I recommend adding Cardarine or SR9009 to your stack if you want to lose fat, and MK 677 if you want to gain weight.

    YK11 side effects

    Does YK11 cause Gyno?

    Yk11-induced gynecomastia is very rare, but it is possible.

    Because SARM binds to the androgen receptor, autocrine testosterone cannot bind to the corresponding androgen receptor, resulting in an increase in free testosterone.In response to 5-alpha reductase, increased free testosterone convert to DHT, possibly leading to gynecomastia.

    So, Bodybuilders can add AI to treat possible Gyno during ingestion. Because at the end of the cycle, as the body adjusts to the increased testosterone, it reduces endogenous testosterone production, and androgens in the body reach a new steady state, with no excess testosterone convert to DHT by 5-A reductase.

    YK11 will have a slight testosterone suppression.

    YK11 is the steroid SARM, whose chemical structure is part of that of DHT, the more potent form of testosterone. Thus, YK11 mimics androgens and has a certain inhibitory effect on endogenous testosterone. That's why YK11 is comparable to steroids in bone and muscle.

    Although YK11 is an androgen and myostatin inhibitor, YK11 targets muscle tissue and produces incredible muscle growth with minimal androgen side effects. Therefore, Bodybuilders can ignore the side effects of YK11 compared to steroids

    Other side effects of YK-11:

    Yk-11 increases the growth of hair removed from the head, which means that if you already have chest hair, there is a good chance that you will have more body hair after using YK-11.

    Liver toxicity. This is where YK-11 is most steroidogenic. Methylation makes the molecule of YK-11 have a hard shell, and it passes hard through the liver, causing damage to the liver. Therefore, Bodybuilders can supplement liver-protecting drugs.

    Bodybuilders require PCT at the end of the cycle as it inhibits the endogenous gonadal axis.

    YK11 PCT

    The usual cycle of YK11 is 4-8 weeks, and the longer cycle is 6-8 weeks.

    The PCT cycle of YK11 is usually half the length of the YK11 cycle. If the YK11 cycle is 6-8 weeks, the PCT cycle is 3-4 weeks.

    YK11 PCT usually starts two weeks before the end of the YK11 cycle and continues for two weeks after the end of the YK11 cycle.

    If the BodyBuilder cycle is 8 weeks, the PCT cycle for YK11 should begin at week 6 of the cycle and continue for an additional 2 weeks after the cycle ends. So, an 8-week YK11 cycle corresponds to a 4-week PCT cycle.

    The usual YK11 PCT uses 20mg Nolvadex or Clomid. Bodybuilders can increase the dose of Nolvadex or Clomid to lessen the inhibitory effect.

    YK11 SARM VS Follistatin 344

    YK11 SARM acts similarly to Follstatin 344 in that both inhibit myostatin.

    1.Follistatin 344 is a peptide and YK11 is a SARM.

    2.Follistatin 344 requires special transportation and storage conditions, and YK11 facilitates transportation and storage.

    3.Follistatin 344 injection, YK11 oral use, more convenient.

    4.Follistatin 344 is administered by injection and usually acts locally. Yk11 is administered orally and acts on muscles throughout the body. Yk11 can also be administered by injection for local effects.

    5.Follistatin 344 is very expensive, while YK11 is relatively more cost-effective.

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