Company News If PCT is needed after Oxandrolone Anavar cycle?

If PCT is needed after Oxandrolone Anavar cycle?

2023-03-06     Company News

When discussing whether need PCT after the Anavar cycle, it is important to understand whether it inhibits or even turns off endogenous testosterone production.

Using anabolic steroids in bodybuilding can inhibit (or even shut down) endogenous testosterone production, so PCT is a necessary step after the anabolic steroid cycle is over. If Anavar inhibits testoterone level?

One study showed that men who took 20mg of Anavar daily for 12 weeks reduced their serum testosterone levels by 45%. 

This is a longer cycle length relative to 6-8 weeks, and we can see that Anavar inhibits endogenous testosterone levels less than most anabolic steroids. If bodybuilder runs Anavar at a low dose and a short cycle length, its natural testosterone levels are likely to remain high. Therefore, bodybuilders who do not stack Anavar and only run single Anavar cycle can choose not to do PCT and wait for natural testosterone levels to recover, which usually takes about a month.

When Anavar is stack with other anabolic steroids, the inhibition of natural testosterone levels increase, and then, add PCT can short the recovery time.

Common PCT for men

Common pct drugs for male bodybuilders including HCG, Tamoxifen and Clomid, you can use some of them, but when the testosterone levels are too low or nearly to shut down, all the three drugs are need. 

When use all these three drugs in pct, you need 2000 iu HCG for 20 days, use it once every two days. Use Tamoxifen once a day for 45 days, the dosage is 20mg per day. Clomid dosage is 50mg per day, use it once a day for 30 days.

Common PCT for women 

Although women produce less testosterone than men, it is still an important hormone that helps them achieve health, well-being and testosterone levels as well as their ability to consolidate gains from the AAS cycle. The most commonly used PCT Drug in women is Nolvadex, which has been shown to be effective in speeding healing and relieving depressive symptoms. The dose of Nolvadex should be lower in women than in men for a shorter period.

Nolvadex is the only pct drug for women, women use it with a degressive dosage, 20mg per day for the first week , 15mg per day for the second week , 10mg per day for the third week, 5mg per day for the fourth week , Four weeks are enough.

Both HCG and Clomid are commonly for male PCT, are less suitable for women because HCG may increase ovarian size and lead to masculinity, while Clomid has the potential to cause ovarian sensitization.

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