Company News What are the relationships between Oxandrolone and sarm?

What are the relationships between Oxandrolone and sarm?

2023-03-08     Company News

Some Bodybuilders may have been recommended AAS Oxandrolone in the purchase of sarm. Some sellers may also classify Oxandrolone as sarm, which is so popular as a new bodybuilding supplements. What are the relationships between Oxandrolone and sarm? 

Studies have shown that Oxandrolone has only 5% of the masculine side effects of testosterone, making it the female bodybuilder of choice among all AAS. So that's why we're talking about Oxandrolone versus sarm, and Oxandrolone is a synthetic AAS that's closer to an anabolic steroid, which is the compound of AAS that's closer to SARM.

As we know, synthetic AAS are all based on the basic molecular structure of testosterone, and the purpose is to reduce the androgen activity of AAS as much as possible on the basis of testosterone. Ideally, if reduce its androgen activity to zero, it is equivalent to removing the “androgen” from the “anabolic androgen steroid” and leaving only the “anabolic steroid”.

Oxandrolone vs Sarm

Sarm corresponds to this ideal state, being Non-steroidal compounds with anabolic activities and lacking androgenic side effects.

So, SARMS are like anabolic steroids in their ideal state. This is why bodybuilder does not experience testosterone inhibition when using sarm. The vast majority of AAS are unsuitable for female bodybuilders because of their inherent androgen activity, while the vast majority of Sarms are suitable for female bodybuilders.

What are the relationships between Oxandrolone and sarm?  Both of them are oral, are easy for bodybuilder to use. Therefore, sarm has no androgen side effects and is safer. Should bodybuilder choose sarm?

Although Sarms are designed to avoid androgen side effects. However, studies show that some Sarms, when use in large quantities, still inhibit testosterone. But their testosterone inhibition is very mild when compare to AAS. And for people who had already used AAS in bodybuilding, the increase in muscle when using sarm as supplements was not as positive. If I want to see more significant muscle growth, I need to increase the daily dose, and higher doses of sarm can still have side effects.

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