Company News What is oral AAS Anadrol?

What is oral AAS Anadrol?

2023-03-09     Company News

Anadrol is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS), which is an oral AAS.It helps bodybuilders build lean muscle and loose fat.

Use of AAS Anadrol

1.Anadrol is used primarily to treat anemia and osteoporosis, and to stimulate muscle growth in patients with malnutrition or hypoplasia. In the United States, it is approved by the FDA to treat anemia.

Erythropoietin is an essential hormone that increases the body's efficiency in producing red blood cells. Red blood cells are crucial to bodybuilder as they deliver extra oxygen and nutrients to the muscles of the bodybuilder in training. Oxygen and nutrients improve muscle performance by converting free glucose into ATP. ATP is the only fuel that muscles need to contract.

2.Anadrol was first prescribed in 1959 and introduced for medical use. It is very effective in promoting widespread weight gain, mainly by greatly improving protein synthesis. As such, it is often used by Bodybuilders. Studies have shown that bodybuilder can gain 14.5 pounds of muscle per 100 pounds of weight after using it. Therefore, bodybuilder primarily uses Anadrol to aid muscle growth, which helps bodybuilder increase significant muscle size and strength.

Key features of Anadrol

1.Anadrol, like other AAS, is an androgen receptor (AR) agonist. It helps improve performance.

2.Anadrol is the only DHT derivative with estrogen side effects.oxymetholone is a DHT derivative. To the best of our knowledge, DHT derivatives are not substrates for aromatase and, therefore, do not bind to aromatase to produce estrogen. However, Anadrol is an exception, and taking Anadrol may cause estrogenic side effects that are different from all other DHT derivatives. The possible estrogen side effects of Anadrol are not due to its aromatization, but may be due to its direct binding to and activation of estrogen receptors.

3.Anadrol was well absorbed orally. If an upset stomach occurs, take it with food or milk. Once you have fixed the time and frequency of Anadrol, keep taking it at the same time every day and fix the frequency.

4.Anadrol has a very low affinity for human serum sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), less than 5% for testosterone and less than 1% for DHT.

5.Anadrol cleavage forms mestanolone(17α-methyl-DHT), which contributes to the action of Anadrol. Mestanolone, also known as methylandrostanolone, is also an oral AAS.

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