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How to choose the right Proviron dosage

2023-03-20     Company News

Although Proviron is primarily used by Bodybuilders classified as advanced users, some Bodybuilders at a rudimentary level can still use it. Proviron is a mild AAS with few side effects and works quickly, making it ideal to add to the bodybuilding cycle. The right dosage, in order to maximize the benefit at the same time, with the least side effects. Therefore, choosing the correct Proviron dosage is very important.

Proviron dosage

The dosage of Proviron varies from person to person and from stage to stage. Its medical dose is defined as 25mg two to three times a day. This provides us with a good bodybuilder dosage reference. Some other AAS tend to use higher than medical doses when used in bodybuilding. Unlike Proviron, the bodybuilder dose of Proviron does not increase significantly compared to the medical dose. bodybuilder experience has shown that 50-150mg of Proviron dosage per day is sufficient to mitigate estrogen effects such as water retention during the AAS cycle.

The Proviron dosage is largely relate to the dosage of other compounds, as it is often stack with other compounds.

Proviron dosage when use with other AAS

Studies have shown that Proviron does not inhibit HPTA at normal doses. There was no significant inhibition of testosterone results with 150mg or less of Proviron dosage per day. More than 300mg a day, however, severely inhibits endogenous testosterone production. Therefore, Proviron dose is maintained between 50 and 150mg. Between these doses, you get the most benefit and the least side effects. Some Bodybuilders will increase Proviron to 250mg per day, which is not a wise choice.

Proviron has a half-life of 8-12 hours, so we should take it separately to maintain stable levels in the blood.

It is common for professional bodybuilders to take Proviron in 150mg or higher doses, which will usually occur close to the race stage. Using Proviron in the final stages allows the other AAS to take full effect and achieve a very hard and dry appearance.

All AAS, however high in anabolic activity and low in androgen activity, are still androgens, and there are obvious side effects if women take Proviron. However, there are some female Bodybuilders who choose to use Proviron to enhance their fitness, in which case the lower dose and shorter cycle length minimizes its masculine effects on women. The Proviron dosage for women is no more than 25mg a day for no more than five weeks.

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