Company News Proviron is a proper AAS for stacking

Proviron is a proper AAS for stacking

2023-03-16     Company News

For experienced Bodybuilders, it is rare to use only one AAS in their cycle, and Proviron is a proper AAS for stacking.

Proviron act as AI to help other AAS avoid aromatization

Studies have shown that long-term use of high doses of Proviron has no serious inhibitory effect on endogenous testosterone. A daily dose of 150mg or less of Proviron has no significant inhibiting testosterone results. The normal dose did not inhibit HPTA. As a result, some Bodybuilders try to use Proviron during PCT to maintain revenue. Later studies have shown that Proviron inhibits LH(luteinizing hormone) in some cases.

Because Proviron has a high affinity with aromatase, the use of Proviron by bodybuilder during the AAS cycle can act as an anti-estrogen agent. Although Proviron is not as active as Aromasin, Arimidex or Letrozole as an aromatase inhibitor, it is still effective. Its strength as an aromatase inhibitor is comparable to that of Arimidex, but slightly lower. Therefore, bodybuilder can use it as an alternative to aromatase inhibitors during the AAS cycle.

This property makes Proviron a proper AAS for stacking . Stack Proviron with other AAS that are easily convert to estrogen by aromatase, such as power tonic, testosterone and its ester compounds, Norone, or Equipoise. bodybuilder can get a stiffer look with more veins. Less swelling of the muscles.

Proviron stacking prefer to combine with SHBG, helps other AAS act better

Proviron also has a very high affinity with sex hormone binding protein (SHBG), a hormone responsible for reducing the amount of free testosterone circulating in the body. When bodybuilder adds Proviron to the AAS stack, Proviron binds to SHBG preferentially. The release of more free testosterone also increases the activity of other AAS, allowing other AAS to function.

Proviron has weak synthetic metabolism and androgen, does not inhibit endogenous testosterone, and does not help muscle gain as much as some other AAS have high synthetic metabolism. As a result, when use Proviron alone, the muscle gain was limit. However, Proviron does not aromatize and has a high affinity with aromatase, which prevents other AAS from aromatizing. Proviron prefer to combine with SHBG, so that other AAS can play a better role. It does not inhibit endogenous testosterone and does not give bodybuilder symptoms of low testosterone; Proviron , as an oral AAS, is easy to use without the pain and risk of infection associated with injection use. Proviron brings all kinds of benefits to show that it is a proper AAS for stacking.

Proviron acts as oral AAS and is stacked with other AAS or SARMs to avoid water retention for maximum muscle mass gain and a more aesthetically pleasing muscle appearance.


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