Company News Anavar cycle for bodybuilders

Anavar cycle for bodybuilders

2023-03-17     Company News

When novice bodybuilder chooses to use Anavar , a separate Anavar cycle should follow to acclimate to the drug and build tolerance. Mid-level bodybuilder can stack it with testosterone or other anabolic steroids to lose even more fat and increase muscle mass.

Anavar novice cycle

For male novice bodybuilder, a 6 week cycle length can be selected. Take 15mg daily for the first three weeks of the cycle and 20mg daily for the remaining three weeks.

For novice female bodybuilder, there is a 5-week cycle length of choice. Take 5mg daily for the first week of the cycle, then increase the dose to 10mg daily for the next four weeks.

Beginners who choose the above cycle length and initial dose can do a good job of promoting lipolysis and increasing muscle mass.

Anavar is a safer oral anabolic steroid that can safely run for 10-12 weeks. Such a longer cycle length applies to both male and female bodybuilders, although dosages will vary. Because experienced Bodybuilders tend not to use a single anabolic steroid, the actual dose chosen will vary. In general, men get 15-100mg of Anavar per day; The dose of Anavar for women is 10-60mg per day. We can see that this is a large dose range, and the dose selection of Anavar is very flexible.

Anavar has its muscle-building effects when use it alone, but it is primarily using for cutting. Using Anavar a few weeks before the end of your cycle will help you gain and maintain a slim figure. You will see better results if you take Anavar when you are already thin. Anavar can produce even greater results when used in tandem with other powerful AAS.

It is advisable for Bodybuilder to use only one oral steroid at a time when planning the steroid cycle, as oral steroids mostly affect the liver. Although Anavar is relatively safe for the liver, in order to minimize potential liver damage, stacking Anavar with injections of AAS or HGH is safer for the liver when choosing steroid stacking.

Anavar is a safer steroid and can be used in combination with most non-oral steroids, peptides, and Sarms to great effect. At the same time, it is also a more female-friendly AAS, the female bodybuilder of choice on anabolic steroids.

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