Company News What are AAS Anavar benefits ?

What are AAS Anavar benefits ?

2023-03-13     Company News

Anavar works by a mechanism similar to that of testosterone and other AAS and has similar benefits to testosterone and other AAS.

Anavar benefits of Reducing fat

Excessive visceral fat is closely associate with endocrine disorders in the human body, including increase cortisol levels and decrease secretion of growth hormone (GH) and male testosterone. Changes in these hormone levels further affect fat metabolism and distribution, in which cortisol further promotes lipid accumulation by increasing lipase activity.

Androgens themselves have the ability to independently regulate subcutaneous and visceral fat, and Anavar also burns fat by increasing levels of T3. T3 is the thyroid hormone responsible for increasing metabolism and promoting fat loss. Anavar improves T3 levels at the cellular level by reducing TBG (thyroid binding globulin) and stimulating TBP (thyroxine binding pre-albumin) secretion.

Studies have shown that oral Anavar has a greater weight loss effect than testosterone, helping to reduce visceral fat as well as subcutaneous fat (such as belly fat, which is harder to lose).

Grow muscle

Anavar increase protein synthesis and intracellular amino acid reuse in skeletal muscle. In the trial, healthy men use a 15mg/day dose of Anavar for five days increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis by about 44 percent.

Anavar , administered at 0.1mg/kg in burn patients, significantly improved protein synthesis, lean body mass, and bone mineral content in burn patients, while maintaining the benefits gained even after treatment was discontinued.

With Anavar you get lean muscle without fat and moisture, which is a great benefit for cutting's bodybuilder.

Prevent muscle loss

Loss of muscle mass is a phenomenon that can easily occur when bodybuilder is cutting. This is due to the reduced calorie intake of the bodybuilder during the cutting phase, when the bodybuilder is in exercise and needs to expend a lot of energy, the body breaks down muscle instead of fat to provide the required energy. When add Anavar during the cutting phase, Anavar causes the body to burn fat for energy, thus preventing muscle break down.


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