Company News Proviron cycle for bodybuilders

Proviron cycle for bodybuilders

2023-03-21     Company News

Proviron has proper anabolic and androgenic effects, and for bodybuilders to use it alone, limited muscle mass is gained. So it is mainly used as an auxiliary compound in the AAS cycle and is rarely cycled alone. Therefore, its own characteristics are more suitable to be used in other AAS cycle. Using it alone can not fully play its role.

Proviron can be used in the bodybuilder Beginner cycle and is not meant to be a separate cycle. Beginner bodybuilder basically starts with testosterone or testosterone esters. Proviron has a very high affinity for sex hormone binding protein (SHBG). After adding Proviron into the primary cycle, Proviron preferentially combines with SHBG, which will release more free testosterone and enhance the use effect of testosterone ester. Proviron also reduces the amount of free testosterone converted by aromatase into estrogen, maintaining testosterone levels and reducing estrogen side effects.

Cycle of Proviron

Proviron is easy to use orally with few side effects. Bodybuilders can add it to a full testosterone cycle, and some bodybuilders also choose to use it near the end of the cycle. Proviron is a proper AAS helper compound. Bodybuilder primary cycle Proviron dosage is generally 50mg per day.

The medium bodybuilder is no longer a single testosterone cycle. The Proviron dosage used by bodybuilder in the medium cycle depends on how much other compounds are being used and how much it is being used for simply reducing estrogen side effects. Again, to get more rigid muscles. In general, Proviron dosage is 50-150mg in the intermediate cycle, not more than 150mg/day.

It is also helpful in helping to inhibit the aromatization of other AAS that are prone to aromatization during the intermediate cycle if they are used.

Advanced bodybuilder is more slimming and cutting. In this case, Proviron is added, resulting in less hydrated, leaner muscles.

For power users, the Proviron dosage should not exceed 150mg per day. Most Bodybuilders opt to take Proviron at the end of the cycle to provide muscle hardening and strengthening.

Adding Proviron at any stage of bodybuilding enhances the effects of other AAS

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