Company News Which AAS does Anavar stack with best ?

Which AAS does Anavar stack with best ?

2023-03-22     Company News

Anavar is a safer oral anabolic steroid that can stack with the vast majority of non-oral steroids, peptides as well as Sarms, most commonly stacked with testosterone. Testosterone, as the body’s base hormone, is safer for the human body and is the top choice for bodybuilder to consider stacking. Endogenous testosterone is a necessary hormone in the human body, and low testosterone levels can lead to a series of low testosterone syndrome. Such as fatigue, low libido, decreased immunity, muscle loss, osteoporosis and so on.

For bodybuilder, the anabolic steroids used are all exogenous androgens, which are also recognized in the body as androgens. When the body thinks its testosterone levels are sufficient, it reduces or even stops its natural testosterone production, resulting in a drop in testosterone levels. The use of anabolic steroids will reduce the secretion of endogenous testosterone to some extent. If testosterone stack with anabolic steroids, It can well maintain the testosterone level in the body.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons bodybuilder chose Testosterone stacking. Testosterone is also the most commonly anabolic steroid, promoting muscle growth, fat burning and providing higher endurance levels. The use of a large number of testosterone derivatives may make people ignore the synthetic metabolism of testosterone to some extent. In this article, you will see how effective testosterone is.

Anavar Stack with Testosterone

Anavar derive from testosterone and synthesize to make it easier to take orally. It does not interact with 5AR and does not aromatize into estrogen, therefore, its use in bodybuilding does not affect androgen tissues (such as the prostate), does not produce water retention, and helps to optimize the muscle mass gained with testosterone, resulting in drier, more linear muscles.

When Anavar stack with testosterone, one way to stack it is: The dose was 200mg of testosterone per week for 2 weeks, then increase to 300mg of testosterone per week for 3 weeks, and finally increase to 350mg of testosterone per week for 2 weeks, a cycle of 7 weeks. During this period, the dose of Anavar was 15mg per day for the first 3 weeks, then increase to 20mg per day for 3 continuous weeks, and finally Anavar discontinue for 1 week.

When you think of bulking, add HGH, Deca or Masteron to the stack of Anavar and testosterone. When your goal is cutting, add Qunblon or Primobolan to the stack of Anavar and testosterone. Of course these are the options for experienced bodybuilder, beginners should not choose such a stack.

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