Company News What are the side effects of Proviron?

What are the side effects of Proviron?

2023-03-23     Company News

Proviron is a derivative of DHT that is not aromatized and does not produce estrogenic side effects. More importantly, it can also bind to aromatase and affect the action of aromatase, thus having the effect of inhibiting aromatase. Although it is not as powerful as true aromatase inhibitors, it is still a steroid in its own right, acting as a steroid, enhancing the effects of other steroids, and acting as an aromatase inhibitor, with superior performance in the steroid cycle.

However, all AAS have side effects, and some of Proviron reported side effects include the following.

Androgen side effects

Proviron's androgen activity is 30% to 40% that of testosterone and it is weakly androgenic AAS. But it's an AAS, so Proviron has an androgen side effects. In particular, it is a derivative of DHT, and DHT has enhanced expression activity in androgen tissues such as hair and prostate, so Provironhas a greater influence on human androgen tissues. Androgen side effects include acne and male pattern hair loss (AGA).

Acne side effects from AAS vary from person to person. Some people may have few or no acne, while others may experience severe acne. Hair loss caused by AAS is commonly known as DHT hair loss, or AGA hair loss. AGA hair loss usually has a family history, and if your family doesn't have hair loss, you probably won't have AGA. If you have a family history of AGA, you have a good chance of developing hair loss. To avoid hair loss problems, a hair loss prevention product such as finasteride can be added to the use of such AAS.

Proviron's androgenic activity makes it unsuitable for women, as it can lead to the development of masculine features such as a deeper voice, body hair growth, etc. For women who choose to use Proviron, the daily dose is no more than 25mg.

Cholesterol effect

Proviron, like some other AAS, affects cholesterol health. Proviron lowers good cholesterol levels and, at the same time, raises bad cholesterol. Therefore, Proviron should be avoided if the bodybuilder has high cholesterol levels. In people with normal cholesterol levels, cholesterol levels should be monitored during the cycle of Proviron use.

Proviron dosage of less than 150mg/day also did not significantly inhibit endogenous testosterone, although there was some inhibition.

Because Proviron is used essentially in stack with other AAS, its testosterone inhibition is essentially negligible compared to other AAS.

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