Company News What is the Most powerful bodybuilding AAS Tren A?

What is the Most powerful bodybuilding AAS Tren A?

2023-03-24     Company News

Tren A is a synthetic androgen anabolic steroid, which is a derivative of testosterone. Due to its 19-nortestosterone structure, the lack of carbon atoms in its 19th position puts it in the same category as Norron. In fact, Tren itself was modified by Noron. Tren has a double bond on carbon 9 and carbon 11, a structure that slows its metabolism, greatly increases its binding affinity with androgen receptors, and inhibits its aromatization. The resulting changes have made It one of the most potent androgen anabolic steroids ever.

How powerful is it? We can tell from its anabolic and androgen index that it is powerful. Tren has both anabolic and androgenic activity of 500, which is defined based on the anabolic and androgenic activity of testosterone, which is 100.


In addition to its basic hormonal structure, Tren A is also attached to a short acetate. The ester was attached to control the release time  after injection. It has a half-life of about 2 days because it carries acetate. The study data showed that its active half-life was slightly less than three days, so the half-life is 2-3 days. Users with a half-life of 2-3 days work quickly after use, gaining muscle and strength, etc.

Tren A showed enhanced synthetic metabolicity and significantly improved protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. Protein synthesis refers to the rate at which a cell builds proteins. Protein is the main building block of muscle. As for nitrogen retention, the more nitrogen we retain, the more anabolism we have. Conversely, when nitrogen levels drop, it leads to catabolism, or muscle atrophy. With increased nitrogen retention, the body’s anabolism is greatly enhanced, contributing to the preservation of muscle tissue and promoting rapid recovery.

In addition to the enhanced synthetic metabolic activity, Tren A significantly promoted the secretion of IGF-1. IGF-1 is a powerful, naturally occurring protein-based hormone that is extremely anabolic and important for recovery and recovery, affecting almost every cell in the human body. IGF-1 acts in muscle tissue, ligaments and tendons, cartilage, the central nervous system, and the lung system. There are few anabolic steroids like Tren A that promote IGF-1. It also greatly increases red blood cell count. Red blood cells carry oxygen to and through the blood. As the dose increases, it can increase blood oxygenation. This will greatly increase muscle endurance and will again greatly promote improved recovery speed.

Using Tren A can lead to a whopping increase in lean muscle mass without moisture and leave you feeling tireless.

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