Steroids Powder Boldenone Powder Wholesale Steroid Powder Boldenone Cypionate for sale injection for bodybuilding DHB and recipe
Wholesale Steroid Powder Boldenone Cypionate for sale injection for bodybuilding DHB and recipe
  • Boldenone Cypionate
  • Wholesale Steroid Powder Boldenone Cypionate for sale injection for bodybuilding DHB and recipe

    Product Name Boldenone Cypionate
    CAS 106505-90-2
    MF C27H38O3
    MW 410.6
    Appearance white or off-white crystalline powder
    Purity 99%min
    Testmethod HPLC
    • Description

    Boldenone Cypionate for sale, as a manufacturer, we wholesale Boldenone Cypionate at very competitive price. Let us first understand Boldenone Cypionate in detail.

    What is Boldenone Cypionate?

    Boldenone Cypionate is an ester derivative of Boldenone, which is a synthetic steroid drug, commonly used in the field of bodybuilding for increasing human muscle and improving physical fitness.

    From a bodybuilding perspective, Boldenone is widely used for the purpose of enhancing muscle mass, boosting protein synthesis and increasing red blood cell count. It has effects similar to testosterone (the main male sex hormone), but is less androgenic, making it more popular in the bodybuilding community.

    Product Name:Boldenone Cypionate





    BP:527.3±50.0 °C(Predicted)


    Appearance:white or off-white crystalline powder.

    Packing:sample 10g,100g,500g,1kg

    Storage:Shading, confined preservation

    Boldenone Cypionate benefits

    Boldenone cypionate is an ester derivative of Boldenone, which belongs to the derivative of testosterone. It has a high anabolic effect and a weak androgenic effect, so it is widely used in bodybuilding. It has the following benefits:

    1.Increases muscle mass: Boldenone can promote protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, thereby increasing muscle mass. It aids in the growth and repair of muscle cells for fuller and defined muscles.

    2.Enhances Strength and Endurance: The use of Boldenone can increase the level of muscle strength and endurance. It increases red blood cell count, improves oxygen transport capacity, thereby improving muscular endurance and delaying fatigue.

    3.Promote red blood cell production: Boldenone can stimulate red blood cell production and increase the number of red blood cells in the blood. This helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue, enhancing muscle capacity and recovery.

    4.Improve appetite and nutrient absorption: Boldenone can increase appetite, improve nutrient absorption, and enable the body to better utilize ingested protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. This helps support muscle growth and repair.

    5.Protects muscle mass: During weight loss, Boldenone can help preserve muscle mass and prevent excessive breakdown of muscle tissue. It helps maintain metabolic rate and muscle fiber integrity, thereby reducing muscle loss.

    Boldenone Cypionate Dosage

    Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)  (Boldenone Undeclynate)Dose = 200 - 600mg

    boldenone undecylenate per week Detection time = Up to 5 months

    Active Life = 15 days

    Equipoise is a staple in the bodybuilding and athletic comunity because of its incredible versatility.

    boldenone undecylenate  Equipoise is just as anabolic as testosterone but Boldenone Undecylenate only half as androgenic with strength gains from the two compounds being very similar. 

    Boldenone Cypionate for sale

    As a manufacturer of Boldenone Cypionate, we stand for superior quality and reliability. We have advanced manufacturing facilities and technology and strictly follow international quality standards. Our products undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure high purity and stability. Our team focuses on research and development of innovative and scientific formulas to provide customers with quality products. We provide comprehensive customer service and support and are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you are purchasing high quality Boldenone Cypionate products.





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