Steroids Powder Boldenone Powder Steroid Powder boldenone acetate benefits what does it do for Bodybuilding
Steroid Powder boldenone acetate benefits what does it do for Bodybuilding
  • boldenone acetate benefits
  • Steroid Powder boldenone acetate benefits what does it do for Bodybuilding

    Product Name boldenone acetate
    CAS 2363-59-9
    MF C21H28O3
    MW 328.45
    Appearance White or off-white solid powder
    Purity 99%min
    Test Method HPLC
    • Description

    boldenone acetate benefits what does it do? This is a question that plagues anabolic steroid users, so let’s find out through this article.

    What is Boldenone acetate?

    Boldenone acetate is an esterified derivative of Boldenone. Esterified derivatives have an ester structure in chemical structure, and after entering the human body, the ester chain will be decomposed to release Boldenone. Boldenone is widely used in bodybuilding because it is believed to improve muscle mass, increase appetite, increase muscular endurance, and possess protein-synthetic abilities, among other benefits.

    Product Name:Boldenone acetate

    Other Name:Boldenone 17-acetate





    MP:149-151 °C

    BP:443.6±45.0 °C(Predicted)

    Appearance:White or off-white solid powder

    Boldenone acetate what dose it do

    Boldenone acetate is an esterified derivative of Boldenone. After entering the human body, its ester chain decomposes. Compared with Boldenone, it stays in the human body longer and lasts longer. Widely used in bodybuilding, the following is Boldenone acetate what does it do?

    1.Increases muscle mass and strength: Boldenone acetate may help increase muscle mass and improve strength.

    2.Improve protein synthesis ability: Boldenone acetate may have strong protein synthesis ability, which is helpful for muscle repair and growth.

    3.Increases appetite: Boldenone acetate might increase appetite.

    4.Improves pump and vascular clarity during training: Boldenone acetate may help enhance muscle pump and improve vascular clarity during training.

    Boldenone acetate Dosage and Cycle

    We learned about Boldenone acetate what does it do in bodybuilding, so let's learn about Boldenone acetate Dosage and Boldenone acetate cycle

    1.Boldenone acetate Dosage

    During bodybuilding, Boldenone is injected at least weekly for physique or performance enhancement purposes. The most commonly used dose is 200-400 mg per week, and if necessary, the dosage regimen can be further divided to reduce the volume of each injection, such as administering the drug 2-3 times per week. Care should also be taken to change the injection site periodically to avoid irritation or infection.

    2.Boldenone acetate cycle

    Boldenone acetate is usually used for more than eight weeks. In a fat loss cycle, a common cycle of use is eight weeks, followed by other non-aromatic compounds after discontinuation of Boldenone acetate. Eight weeks is still the shortest cycle to use in an offseason muscle-building cycle, but a 12-week cycle has been shown to be more effective

    Boldenone acetate side effects

    Although Boldenone acetate has many benefits in the bodybuilding process, due to individual differences and dosage, it may cause the following side effects during use:

    1.Hormone imbalance

    2.Cardiovascular system risk

    3.Liver problems


    5.Blood sugar control problems

    Therefore, in the process of using Boldenone acetate, you should pay attention to the dosage from small to large. Once you find any side effects, you should stop using it in time, and consult a doctor or senior bodybuilding trainer if necessary.

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