Company News Does Oral steroid Anadrol have estrogenic side effects?

Does Oral steroid Anadrol have estrogenic side effects?

2023-04-12     Company News, Product News

Anadrol is the only AAS among DHT derivatives with estrogenic side effects.

Anadrol is a DHT derivative. To the best of our knowledge, DHT derivatives are not substrates for aromatase and, therefore, do not bind to aromatase to produce estrogen. However, Anadrol is an exception, and taking Anadrol may cause estrogenic side effects, unlike all other DHT derivatives. Anadrol may also have the side effect of gynecomastia, but it is less likely than other AAS, and this side effect is very rare.


The possible side effects of Anadrol on estrogen are not due to its aromatization, but may be due to its direct binding to and activation of estrogen receptors that cause gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition in which extra breast tissue begins to form in a man's breasts. A mild form of gynecomastia may resemble swollen nipples, while a severe form of gynecomastia can cause a man's breasts to look like a woman's. To prevent gynecomastia from estrogen side effects, bodybuilder can take anti-estrogen medications such as Nolvadex or Clomid during the Anadrol cycle.

Water retention

Anadrol use during the bodybuilding cycle resulted in significant extracellular fluid retention. Proper water retention may be beneficial during the AAS cycle, as the cell fluid can help produce ATP, increasing muscle size and muscle strength. However, the downside of water retention is that the obtained muscle looks smooth and less defined. Water retention can also cause bloating, especially when taken in high doses or with a high-sodium diet.

Anadrol, then, is an option for growing muscle fast, but not cutting.

Anadrol does not necessarily always produce large amounts of water retention. If the bodybuilder diet is exceptionally clean and you are already lean, you will not retain as much fluid when using Anadrol. So, bodybuilder, who has already gained lean muscle mass, will make their muscles look fuller and won't have water retention after using Anadrol. During this time, bodybuilder may also need to use SERM to control the body's estrogen levels and to control sodium intake. This will give you a dry, full, muscular look.

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