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Why bodybuilder need pct

2022-12-19     Company News

Back in the 1960s, there was no pct concept in bodybuilder. By about the 1980s, when hcg was gaining popularity, at that time, hcg was the only pct drug. Both SERM and AI are late-stage pct drugs.

Pct or post-cycle treatment refers to the protocol that bodybuilder follows after completing an anabolic steroid (AAS) cycle. pct drugs include hcg, SERM and AI, which are used to restore testosterone levels in male bodybuilders, and SERM and AI, which are used to block the effects of estrogen. Therefore, the main purpose of bodybuilder needs pct is to restore their own testosterone levels and reduce estrogen levels.

Inhibition of testosterone

Although the AAS cycle can provide benefits such as amazing muscle growth, AAS can also have certain effects on bodybuilder's physical health, especially on testosterone levels. When bodybuilder takes AAS, these AAS drugs, when released in the body, provide a large dose of testosterone to the body. High levels of exogenous testosterone in the body trick the brain into thinking the body has enough testosterone and gradually reduce or even stop the production of endogenous testosterone. When the AAS cycle is complete, the intake of exogenous AAS is abruptly stopped, and the production of endogenous testosterone has not kept up, the body is in a state of low testosterone levels.

This is when the brain realizes that testosterone levels are low and that it needs to increase its production. But the process is slow, and it can take months to years to restore normal testosterone levels. At the same time, the body is experiencing the effects of low testosterone levels, such as decreased energy and sex drive, decreased muscle mass, etc. A sudden drop in testosterone levels in the body can lead to a sudden feeling of exhaustion and, in severe cases, depression and other psychological distress. Post-cycle therapy (pct) can help speed up this process and restore endogenous testosterone levels as quickly as possible because it increases gonadotropin production.

SERM Clomid promotes the release of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH), which helps restore testosterone levels. hcg mimics the effect of LH to promote the recovery of testosterone levels.


Heavy use of AAS in the body is aromatase aromatase aromatase produces high levels of estrogen and can give male bodybuilder some estrogen side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention etc. SERM and AI regulate estrogen levels to avoid possible estrogen side effects.

Male bodybuilders must undergo a pct cycle after the AAS cycle to restore their own testosterone levels and eliminate estrogen side effects. Proper pct is essential for male bodybuilders.

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