Company News What are advantages about oral AAS Proviron ?

What are advantages about oral AAS Proviron ?

2023-04-10     Company News

Proviron advantages for Fat reduction and cutting

Proviron is better at losing fat than gaining muscle. It speeds up metabolism and helps burn stubborn fat, enabling bodybuilder to gain lean muscle mass. Therefore, Proviron's advantages is clearly suitable for the cutting cycle.

In bodybuilding competitions, it's harder to cut. In cutting cycle, the bodybuilder needs to burn as much fat as possible while maintaining lean muscle mass. However, in cutting cycle, the need to keep calories less than the body burns can easily lead to a loss of muscle mass. Proviron's anabolic action promotes lean muscle growth and helps the body retain the muscle it has gained.

Proviron has a high affinity for aromatase, which can avoid the aromatization of free testosterone and thus increase the concentration of free testosterone. Since testosterone is aromatized to produce estrogen, Proviron indirectly reduces estrogen levels. Estrogen can cause side effects such as wet weight gain, water retention, and gynecomastia (Gyno). The Proviron dosage of 50mg per day can also greatly help reduce or delay male breast development (gyno) and fluid retention caused by other aromatic steroids. Using Proviron in cutting cycle, bodybuilder achieves a leaner, tailored muscular look.

Proviron advantages -Increase lean muscle mass

Although Proviron is not primarily used to build muscle, it certainly has the ability to build muscle as an anabolic androgen steroid (AAS). It's not as muscle-building as Anadrol, Trenbolone, Dianabol or other powerful AAS, but it is able to promote lean muscle mass gain.

If bodybuilder is using it, eat right and work hard. You get a steady increase in muscle mass. On average, you may get about 10 pounds of muscle after a Proviron cycle.

Proviron advantages -Enhance the effects of other steroids

When used in a stack with other AAS, Proviron acts as an aromatase inhibitor that inhibits the conversion of other AAS to estrogen, thereby inhibiting estrogen action and increasing serum levels of other AAS.

Proviron has a high affinity for sex hormone binding protein (SHBG). When it binds to SHBG, it increases the level of free testosterone and enhances the effects of other steroids being used.

No need to inject

Proviron is an oral AAS that avoids injection pain and possible injection infection for easy bodybuilder use.

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