Company News Could I inject Dianabol solution instead of oral use?

Could I inject Dianabol solution instead of oral use?

2023-04-07     Company News

Dianabol inject and Dianabol oral have the same effect except for different ways of use.

When bodybuilder chooses oral Dianabol, the commonly used oral dose is 10-30mg per day, with a maximum of 50mg per day. And the use cycle is generally 4-6 weeks.

I believe beginners will not choose to inject this way, because the oral way has been very effective.

Some Bodybuilders think the drug will be better absorbed when injected. When the drug is injected, it does not need to go through the stomach and intestines, so it avoids the loss of absorption in the stomach and intestines. In fact, there is a certain theoretical basis.

In general, most of the injection is selected by experienced bodybuilder. When bodybuilder chooses Dianabol injection, the daily dose is usually 40mg and ensures they exercise effectively and have a supportive diet during this period. When bodybuilder uses Dianabol stacked with other AAS, the daily dose can be reduced to 20mg. Due to the half-life of Dianabol, the daily dose of Dianabol injection is also normally divided to ensure blood concentration.

Dianabol inject benefits

Bodybuilding AAS Dianabol has many advantages, which are summarized as follows.

Muscle Growth: Helps bodybuilder gain more muscle and weight over a period of several weeks due to increased protein synthesis in the body.

Fat loss: When Dianabol injection is combined with vigorous exercise, body fat begins to disappear. This effect was accompanied by an effect on muscle growth.

Stronger Workout Intensity: Having more strength to achieve your workout goals is every bodybuilder's dream. Using Dianabol injection in the right way can help them achieve this goal.

When injected, Dianabol should not be used for more than 6 weeks, either alone or in combination with other AAS. According to the theory of Dianabol injection, it avoids absorption in the stomach and intestines and is more effective. Therefore, as a drug with certain hepatotoxicity, direct injection of Dianabol has a correspondingly greater impact on the liver.

For experienced Bodybuilders, they may have a certain tolerance to the AAS used and seek injection methods to seek breakthroughs. In this process, attention should be paid to monitoring the condition of the liver and protecting the health of the liver.

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