Company News What's the AAS Dianabol Oral Dosage?

What's the AAS Dianabol Oral Dosage?

2023-04-06     Company News

Dianabol is usually bodybuilder's first choice for oral AAS, how do we determine its oral Dosage?

How much to take?

The usual oral Dosage of Dianabol is 10-30mg per day, with a maximum of 50mg per day.

For beginners, the usual Dosage should start at 10-15mg and the maximum Dosage should not exceed 25mg.

The Dosage For intermediate bodybuilder is between 20 and 30mg,

For advanced bodybuilder, you can choose the appropriate dose according to your actual needs and purpose, but the maximum Dosage should not exceed 50mg per day.

Taking it at mealtimes can help reduce nausea or stomach problems you may experience.

Dose-cycle relationship

For experienced Bodybuilders, the actual Dosage chosen is also related to its corresponding cycle. Dianabol is hepatotoxic and can cause liver damage in prolonged cycles. Its general cycle is 4-6 weeks, if the use of higher Dosage , the corresponding cycle length should reduce accordingly.

For those seeking benefits in the lower Dosage range, they can safely run longer cycles (such as less than 20mg per day for 8 weeks). Shorter cycles (eg 3-6 weeks above 30mg per day) should run for those seeking more significant benefits in the higher dose range.

When should I take it?

Because Dianabol has a half-life of 3-6 hours, a day's Dosage needs to be split.

If optimal blood concentration levels are required, the daily Dosage should be divided into three doses in the morning, middle and evening. More stable blood concentration levels contribute to better anabolism.

For a better workout and more strength during exercise, divide your daily Dosage in half, taking most of your daily Dosage about an hour before your workout and the rest of your daily dose a few hours after. This helps build strength and may yield better benefits than dispersing doses throughout the day, although the obvious downside is that the level of the drug in the system will be unstable.

These are the dosages commonly use in bodybuilder. These dosages are subject to individual constitutions and drug tolerances, as well as individual adaptations. The exact oral dosages are best follow by professional recommendations.

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