Company News SARM LGD4033: What do you need to know?

SARM LGD4033: What do you need to know?

2022-09-23     Company News

SARM LGD4033 also known as (Ligandrol) is a selective androgen receptor modulator with compounds that target specific androgen receptor (AR) actions in the body, which are able to increase muscle growth and bone density. SARM LGD4033 was originally developed to treat diseases such as muscle wasting and osteoporosis, and with the development of bodybuilding, LGD 4033 has gradually become one of the most popular SARMs on the market today.

Is SARM LGD4033 safe?

Since SARM LGD4033 was developed, researchers have conducted many studies on it, and these studies have pointed out that LGD4033 has little toxicity to the user's body, the user has increased net body weight (muscle) and bone density, and the user When taken for a long time, the secretion of testosterone will be slightly suppressed.

Regarding its side effects, LGD4033 does not cause any kind of hair loss or male pattern baldness like some anabolic steroids and in clinical studies the prostate size of the users was not affected. No significant side effects have been reported from users. So, SARM LGD4033 is safe.

SARM LGD4033 Benefits

1.Prevent osteoporosis

LGD 4033 has a positive effect on BMD and helps maintain bone mass by increasing periosteal bone formation while reducing muscle loss.

2.Prevent Cancer or Cachexia

In human Cachexia, cancer, AIDS, and kidney disease, among others, are very common in patients. LGD 4033 prevents them from happening because LGD4033 increases muscle mass and enhances muscle strength, thereby reducing the occurrence of Cachexia in the body.

3.Build muscle

Several clinical trial studies have confirmed that LGD4033 can significantly help users increase muscle mass.

4.Fat loss

SARM LGD4033 can increase the body's metabolism, which means that the user's body will burn more fat, the user will burn more calories, and when they are converted into energy, you can create a more energy deficit, and at the same time, it protects the muscles and prevents them from being broken down during the fat loss process.

5.Increase Strength

Studies have shown that LGD4033 prevents any muscle loss that can lead to osteoporosis, it works by strengthening bone density, resulting in an increase in body strength.

SARM LGD4033 Review

Many users of LGD4033 begin to notice significant results after a few weeks of use. The biggest change is a significant increase in the user's muscle mass. When taking only 1mg of LGD4033, it will gain about 2.66 pounds. The higher the dose, the greater the gain, but the recommended dose should never be exceeded.

When using LGD4033 for a period of time, the user's strength and endurance will also be significantly improved, which is not only confirmed by clinical trials, but also confirmed by users who have used SARM LGD 4033.

Another thing about LGD4033 is that you get a significant change in fat loss. After using it for a period of time, the fat will be significantly reduced, and it will be replaced by muscle mass.

Of course, if the SARM LGD4033 is stacked with other SARMs, the effect will be more pronounced.

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