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What is SARM S-23?

SARM S-23 is a selective androgen receptor modulator developed by GTx, which can selectively bind to the androgen receptor (AR) in the human body, thereby exerting the effect of testosterone, but its selective target to the androgen receptor (AR) in muscle tissue, thereby promoting increased muscle mass and greatly improved fat loss. Therefore, S-23 is known as one of the best and most powerful SARMs on the bodybuilding market.

How does the SARM S-23 work?

After S-23 enters the body, it binds to the androgen receptor (AR) in muscle tissue and signals the body to build muscle and lose fat.

What is SARM S-23 Benefits?

1.Accelerates muscle growth

S-23 stimulates muscle growth. In a clinical trial comparing the efficacy of testosterone and S-23 in building muscle and androgenic capacity, it was found that S-23 was more effective than testosterone in building muscle in users. Compounds with much fewer side effects. Anecdotal results from users taking S-23 are also quite striking, with most users showing a large increase in muscle mass.

2.Fat loss

Another notable effect of S-23 is its ability to help users achieve rapid fat loss, and many users who take S-23 experience rapid fat loss.

3.Increased bone density

A good pair of bones is known to help bodybuilders improve their training ability, and researchers have found that S-23 increases bone mineral density in a dose-dependent manner.

What is SARM S-23 Dosage?

Although the FDA does not yet have FDA guidelines on the dosage of this drug, most users find that 15 mg per day is the optimal dose. Beginners can start with 10mg per day, while those more advanced may go all the way up to 25mg per day.

What is SARM S-23 Side Effect?

S-23 is a relatively new compound, and the exact side effects are unknown. A few bodybuilders report the following side effects:

Increased body temperature -S-23 is able to increase the body's metabolism, thereby increasing heat production.

Testosterone Suppression -S-23 slightly suppresses its own testosterone levels.

Acne - acne on targeted areas of the body

Hair Loss - If you have hereditary male pattern baldness, SARM S-23 will speed up the process.

These side effects are possible, but not necessarily expected. It depends on the bodybuilder's individual constitution and dosage, and at the recommended dosage, side effects are rare. But if you experience any side effects while using SARM S-23, you should stop using it and start treatment immediately.

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