Company News Is Sarm mk677 available for pct?

Is Sarm mk677 available for pct?

2022-12-09     Company News

Common pct drugs are aromatase inhibitors (AI) and selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM). Some male Bodybuilders also use hCG. Do you believe sarm mk677 when it is said that it can also be used for pct?

AI works by blocking the action of aromatase, preventing androgens from being converted into estrogen. Because exogenous supplementation of AAS increases the level of free testosterone in the body, and high levels of free testosterone are converted by aromatase into estrogen. Side effects of high levels of estrogen on male bodybuilder include male breast development and water retention.

Does Sarm mk677 have the effect of preventing the side effects of estrogen? Mk677 is a growth hormone secretagotin that stimulates the pituitary to release GH without blocking the effects of aromatase.

SERM is used in medicine to treat a variety of estrogen-related conditions by blocking the binding of estrogen to estrogen receptors. Helps bodybuilder avoid estrogen side effects.

Does the Sarm mk677 have this effect? Not really.

In male bodybuilder, injections of hCG are used to stimulate Leydig cells to synthesize testosterone to help restore and maintain testosterone production in the testicles and prevent testicular atrophy.

Does the Sarm mk677 have this effect? The way the sarm mk677 works, it doesn't.

What does Mk677 do?

Mk677 promotes anabolism and reduces catabolism to help increase muscle mass and reduce fat. Why did bodybuilder use mk677 as a pct drug?

First, mk677 is safe without side effects and suitable for long-term use.

Mk677 is administered in a daily dose range of 10mg to 25mg, with diet and exercise, and has virtually no side effects. So the mk677 is suitable for long-term use. The mk677 cycle is normally 16 weeks, and in fact some Bodybuilders are very safe for long periods of time.

Secondly, mk677 has the effect of maintaining muscle mass.

Mk677 acts as an anabolic drug to help bodybuilder increase lean muscle mass. mk677 has been shown to relieve muscle loss caused by reduced protein in an individual's diet, reversing protein catabolism. Therefore, the mk677 helps the bodybuilder maintain lean muscle mass during the cutting and pct cycle.

In pct, the bodybuilder no longer uses AAS or other bodybuilding supplements. In the process making it difficult to maintain the muscle mass that has been gained due to low levels of endogenous testosterone. At this point, supplementing the mk677 helps bodybuilder maintain the muscle mass that has been gained without loss.

As can be seen from the above, mk677 is not a pct drug, but mk677 can be used for pct.

Mk677 was not effective in restoring testosterone levels and treating estrogen side effects when used on pct, so mk677 should not be used on pct alone. It is generally used in conjunction with pct drugs. Mk677 for pct can help bodybuilder maintain muscle mass without bodybuilding supplements.

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