Company News If sarms mk677 needs pct ?

If sarms mk677 needs pct ?

2022-12-08     Company News

When bodybuilder uses AAS, pct is basically required. Does sarms mk677 require pct?

We know that the need for a pct is influenced by supplements.

Common bodybuilder side effects fall into two broad categories. One is androgen side effects. Androgen side effects are internal effects of testosterone suppression, external manifestations are acne, increased aggression, etc. The other is estrogen side effects. The main side effects of estrogen are male breast development and water retention.

Can androgen side effects occur with sarms mk677?

No. Mk677 is a Ghrelin receptor agonist and growth hormone secretagogue. It is a non-steroidal sarm and does not have androgenic activity. The reason why testosterone inhibition occurs in bodybuilder is that the intake of exogenous androgen replaces the effect of endogenous testosterone in the body, which makes the body mistake that the level of testosterone in the body is sufficient and gradually reduces the secretion of endogenous testosterone. Only after bodybuilder stops the intake of exogenous androgen, the body's own testosterone level will be insufficient. This can lead to symptoms of low testosterone. In this case, the pct cycle is required to restore the bodybuilder to its own testosterone levels as quickly as possible.

Mk677 is a nonsteroidal sarm and does not have androgenic activity. Mk677 also does not bind to androgen receptors and has no effect on its own testosterone levels.

So, bodybuilder uses the sarms mk677 without testosterone suppression and without androgen side effects.

Can use sarms mk677 produce estrogen side effect?

No. Normal levels of estrogen in the body do not cause discomfort. Large intake of exogenous androgens, these androgens in the body after aromatase aromatase will be converted into large amounts of estrogen, resulting in estrogen side effects.

The estrogenic side effect that most affects male bodybuilder is male breast development (gyno). So bodybuilder needs to use aromatase inhibitors (AI) and /or selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM) as pct cycles to avoid such estrogen side effects.

Mk677 is a non-steroidal sarm, and does not bind to androgen receptors in the body, and does not affect the body's androgen levels. mk677 is also not converted to estrogen by aromatase and does not have estrogen side effects.

Studies have shown that bodybuilder is very safe with no more than 25mg of sarm mk677 per day without the above side effects. Therefore, bodybuilder does not require a pct to use the sarm mk677 as normal.

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