Company News How clomid restore testosterone levels

How clomid restore testosterone levels

2022-12-21     Company News

SERM Clomid is a commonly used drug for male bodybuilder pct. While SERM is known to block the effects of estrogen. Clomid actually helps restore testosterone levels as well.

Men's testosterone levels typically decline slowly with age. From the age of 40, testosterone levels in men decline by 1% to 2% a year. However, testosterone levels can also decline rapidly due to conditions such as stroke, trauma, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, obesity, heart attack, or medication.

People with low testosterone levels don't just feel bad, have trouble getting erections, low libido, fatigue, mood changes, sleep problems or trouble maintaining muscle mass. Among other things, it may also affect cardiovascular and bone health in middle-aged and older men.

Some men with low testosterone levels undergo testosterone replacement therapy, which involves exogenous supplementation of AAS to boost their overall hormone levels. This includes injections, gels, etc. However, all the exogenous supplementation of AAS, while increasing overall testosterone levels in men, inhibits natural testosterone levels, making endogenous testosterone levels even lower. Testosterone replacement therapy can also lead to testicular atrophy and fertility problems, among other things.

How does Clomid restore testosterone levels?

Clomids are not AAS, do not suppress natural testosterone levels, and can help restore testosterone levels.

Clomid works by blocking estrogen feedback from the pituitary and hypothalamus. When supplement exogenous AAS, a large amount of androgens are aromatize in the body to produce estrogen, which will trigger the negative feedback mechanism of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testis axis and stimulate the pituitary gland to stop producing testosterone. When Clomid blocks the effects of estrogen, the negative feedback mechanism of estrogen is not trigger and the body produces more testosterone.

Therefore, not only testosterone suppressing bodybuilders use Clomid, non-bodybuilders with low testosterone levels use it to increase their testosterone levels.

A large number of people use clomid since FDA approve it in 1967. Users have reported that Clomid is a safe compound and that side effects are usually mild, such as bloating, nausea, or headache. Few people experience more serious side effects with Clomid.

Among the bodybuilder population, Clomid is the drug of choice for post-cycle repair after they have finished their AAS cycle, and has helped a large number of Bodybuilders restore their normal testosterone levels.

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