Company News What is the Clomid dosage for bodybuilder?

What is the Clomid dosage for bodybuilder?

2022-12-22     Company News

SERM clomid as anti-estrogen, What is the clomid dosage?

Long-term use of AAS by male bodybuilders can lead to secondary hypogonadism. This is because exogenous supplementation of AAS tricks the brain into thinking that the body is producing enough gonadal hormones to meet its needs, and gradually reduces the release of endogenous testosterone. Hypogonadism can develop over time.

When the men bodybuilder finished the AAS cycle, endogenous testosterone levels were lower and estrogen levels were higher. The body needs to readjust its hormone levels to achieve balance. Staying out of balance for a long time can have a big impact on your body. SERM Clomid lowers estrogen levels and raises testosterone to help the body recover faster.

Gynecomastia occurs when estrogen levels in men remain high for an extended period of time. Clomid can treat gynecomastia and prevent irreversible breast development in men.

Clomid dosage in AAS cycle

When bodybuilder uses Clomid during the AAS cycle, it is usually in low doses to protect the body from the effects of estrogen. Most bodybuilder experience demonstrates that 25mg of clomid dosage per day is sufficient to counter the estrogen side effects that the AAS cycle can produce.

If the 25mg of clomid dosage at bodybuilder per day is not enough to combat the side effects of the AAS cycle, bodybuilder will often use Clomid in combination with Nolvadex.

Clomid dosage in pct cycle

Common doses of Clomid are 25mg,50mg, and 100mg.

The Clomid dose for male bodybuilder is 25-50mg/day depending on the severity of inhibition. Have a blood test to confirm the pct regimen and Clomid dose.

The Clomid dose is 25mg/day for 4 weeks if testosterone levels do not drop by more than 20%.

If testosterone levels drop by more than 20%, Clomid dosage is at 50mg/day for 2 weeks and again at 25mg/day for 2 weeks.

When the Clomid dose needs to be increased, it needs to be increased for the first two weeks and then lowered for the second two weeks to mitigate the side effects of the drug.


Clomid is usually in oral form because of its good bioavailability. Usually in the AAS cycle, the Clomid dosage often begins at a low dose, and in the pct cycle, the clomid dosage begins at a higher dose and ends at a lower dose. When used as a pct, Clomid is used primarily to block estrogen action and increase endogenous testosterone levels. The cycle is usually 4 weeks. Some bodybuilders using more powerful AAS may extend the pct cycle to 8 weeks, depending on bodybuilder experience and actual blood test results.

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