Company News Anadrol is one of the most effecive Oral AAS build muscle mass

Anadrol is one of the most effecive Oral AAS build muscle mass

2023-04-20     Company News

All AAS, including Anadrol , are different types of exogenous testosterone. Testosterone build muscle and burn fat, and Anadrol has a similar effect.

Anadrol is described by some Bodybuilders as the best AAS for weight gain and rapid muscle build. Muscle gain with the help of Anadrol by bodybuilder is usually composed of muscle and water retention.

It is not uncommon for users to gain up to 10 pounds during the first week of Anadrol . By the sixth week, the weight can increase to 30 pounds. But a large portion of this muscle gain is water.

The muscle pump experienced by bodybuilder can be described as "tearing the skin" because Anadrol causes the muscle cells to contain a large amount of water.

Anadrol build muscle

Anadrol has 3 times the anabolic activity of testosterone and helps bodybuilder increase muscle size to a whole new level.

Because Anadrol muscle growth contains a lot of water, this water is trapped in the muscle cells, making the muscle more visible. The bodybuilder loses some muscle weight during the muscle drying process, as moisture is removed. However, due to the use of AAS, there is still an increase in AAS levels in the body, increased protein synthesis and increased nitrogen retention, which can help bodybuilder gain muscle significantly.

Scientists consider Anadrol one of the most effective muscle-building AAS ever. During the study, participants gained 14.5 pounds of muscle for every 100 pounds of body weight. In fact, it was common to gain 18 pounds of lean muscle over a 6-week period using Anadrol 's bodybuilder for the first time.

Anadrol is used for bulking and also has fat reduction properties. Studies have shown that Anadrol burns a significant amount of subcutaneous fat when taken at 100mg daily.

Anadrol may cause fat gain due to water retention. Puffiness and bloating caused by excess fluid can lead to increased body fat percentage. Also because Anadrol is an expansive AAS,bodybuilder may combine Anadrol with a high calorie diet, resulting in fat gain and additional water retention. However, the fat that grows this way is not caused by Anadrol itself.

Therefore, bodybuilder will not gain subcutaneous fat while using Anadrol if a calorie-maintaining diet is adopted.

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