Company News If Anabolic steroids cause negative consequences, how to deal with it?

If Anabolic steroids cause negative consequences, how to deal with it?

2023-04-21     Company News

Research on aggression and psychological distress associated with the use of Anabolic steroids in bodybuilder could help identify individuals and groups most sensitive to the negative and psychological consequences of AAS use to facilitate the development of targeted interventions.

Anabolic steroids are both derivatives of testosterone and testosterone, so Anabolic steroids are androgens. Androgen stands for male sex hormone, and when you describe someone who is full of male sex hormone, you can imagine aggression as well as muscle and strength.

For Anabolic steroids users, most of the data is on men, and there is a significant lack of data on female bodybuilder studies.

Studies about Anabolic steroids cause negative consequences

Participants included 206 Bodybuilders using Anabolic steroids (58.3% female) with a history of regular Anabolic steroids use for at least 6 months prior to participating in the data collection. Participants ranged in age from 14 to 56 years (M=26.89,SD=7.12 years).

In the study, Cronbach for physical aggression, verbal aggression, hostility, and anger were 0.73, 0.70, 0.77, and 0.69, respectively. Cronbach coefficient of psychological distress was 0.82.

Female and male Anabolic steroids users in the study averaged 4.37 hours and 6.19 hours of weight training per week at the gym. The mean duration of AAS use was 1.51 years for men and 1.19 years for women.

The experimental results show that:

The proportion of highly aggressive and moderate psychological distress users was 7.63%; The male account for 91.67% and the female account for 8.33%.

Moderate aggression and moderate psychological distress was 18.645; Males account for 80.42% and females account for 19.58%.

The proportion of moderate aggression and mild psychological distress was 11.71%; Males account for 32.46% and females account for 67.54%.

Mild aggression and moderate psychological distress was 11.62%; Males account for 30 percent and females for 70 percent.

Low aggression and mild psychological distress accounted for 39.06% of the users; The male account for 10.51% and the female for 89.49%.

These data may be influenced by Anabolic steroids use methods (e.g., bulking, cycling, and stacking) and individual constitution. However, the experimental results still showed that a large number of exogenous Anabolic steroids increased the occurrence of aggression and psychological distress in bodybuilder. When using Anabolic steroids , bodybuilder should follow the doctor's advice, control the dosage and cycle length, etc., so as to use Anabolic steroids more safely.

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