Steroids Powder Testosterone Powder Buy Test Cyp 250 Testosterone cypionate for Bodybuilding benefits Dosage and cycle
Buy Test Cyp 250 Testosterone cypionate for Bodybuilding benefits Dosage and cycle
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  • Buy Test Cyp 250 Testosterone cypionate for Bodybuilding benefits Dosage and cycle

    Product Name Testosterone cypionate,test cyp
    CAS 58-20-8
    Appearance White crystal powder
    Purity 99%min
    Test method HPLC
    Min order 10g
    Packing 10g,100g,500g and 1kg
    Payment BTC,USDT and TT
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    Test Cyp Testosterone cypionate is a synthetic testosterone drug, it is a derivative of testosterone, it belongs to long-acting testosterone supplements, commonly used in the treatment of male hypotestosterone and sexual dysfunction, and is also used for muscle growth and Bodybuilding purpose of improving physical performance.

    Product Name:Testosterone cypionate,Test cyp,test cypionate






    BP:492.01°C (rough estimate)

    Density:0.9795 (rough estimate)

    Storage conditions:2-8°C

    Appearance:white crystalline powder

    Test Cyp Testosterone cypionate benefits

    Testosterone cypionate Test Cyp is a derivative of testosterone, it is widely used in the field of bodybuilding, the following are the benefits of testosterone cypionate in bodybuilding.

    1.Increases muscle mass and strength: Testosterone cypionate can promote muscle synthesis and increase muscle mass and strength levels.

    2.Promotes fat loss: Testosterone helps reduce body fat content and promotes the body to burn fat.

    3.Improve physical recovery: Testosterone can improve physical recovery, allowing the body to recover faster from strenuous exercise and training.

    4.Strengthen the immune system: Testosterone is beneficial to the regulation of the immune system and can enhance the body's immunity.

    Overall, the use of testosterone cypionate can help bodybuilders increase muscle mass and strength, promote fat loss, improve physical recovery and strengthen the immune system.

    Testosterone cypionate Dosage

    Specific recommendations for the dosage of testosterone cypionate may vary from individual to individual, so factors such as gender, age, physical condition, and exercise goals need to be considered. Bodybuilding enthusiasts can adjust the dosage according to their own conditions.

    Some studies suggest that testosterone cypionate is used in doses ranging from 50 to 400 mg per week among male bodybuilders.

    Test Cyp Testosterone cypionate cycle

    In bodybuilding, the cycle of using testosterone cypionate varies from person to person, but generally it will not exceed 12 weeks, and the recommended cycle is 10-12 weeks.

    Test Cyp Testosterone cypionate side effects

    Everything has two sides, and testosterone cypionate is no exception. While it brings benefits to users, it may also cause the following side effects.

    1.Cardiovascular problems: Using testosterone cypionate may cause cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. These problems may occur due to water retention in the body and increased red blood cell count caused by testosterone cypionate.

    2.Accessory milk and breast hypertrophy: The use of testosterone cypionate may cause mammary gland development, resulting in accessory milk and breast hypertrophy. This is because testosterone cypionate converts to estrogen, which can have adverse effects in men.

    3.Skin problems: The use of testosterone cypionate may cause skin problems such as acne, oily skin, and increased hair. This is because testosterone cypionate stimulates the growth of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

    4.Psychiatric problems: The use of testosterone cypionate may cause psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety, and irritability. This is because testosterone cypionate may affect nervous system and emotional health.

    5.Reproductive system problems: The use of testosterone cypionate may affect the health of the reproductive system, such as reduced sperm count and quality, testicular atrophy, and decreased libido.

    Therefore, users should be cautious when using testosterone cypionate during a bodybuilding cycle, stop using it immediately and consult a bodybuilding trainer or doctor immediately if any serious side effects occur.

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