Steroids Powder Testosterone Powder Buy Steroids Testosterone isocaproate powder price for sale bodybuilding half-life cycle and Benefits
Buy Steroids Testosterone isocaproate powder price for sale bodybuilding half-life cycle and Benefits
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  • Buy Steroids Testosterone isocaproate powder price for sale bodybuilding half-life cycle and Benefits

    Product Name Testosterone isocaproate,Test Isocaproate
    CAS 15262-86-9
    Appearance white crystalline powder
    Purity 99%min
    Test method HPLC
    Min order 10g
    Package 10g,100g,500g and 1kg
    Payment BTC,USDT and TT
    • Description

    Testosterone isocaproate powder is a testosterone derivative commonly used in bodybuilding and sports as a steroid drug. It is often used together with other testosterone derivatives such as testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate and testosterone decanoate, which are mixed testosterone ester preparations main component.

    Product Name:Testosterone isocaproate,Test Isocaproate


    MF: C25H38O3

    MW: 386.57

    EINCES: 239-307-1

    MP: 79-80 °C

    BP: 487.6±45.0 °C(Predicted)

    Density: 1.07±0.1 g/cm3(Predicted)

    Appearance: white crystalline powder

    Testosterone isocaproate benefits

    Testosterone isocaproate powder is an anabolic steroid that is widely used in bodybuilding as the sport develops. Here are its benefits in bodybuilding

    1.Enhances muscle growth and strength levels: Testosterone isocaproate can promote muscle cell proliferation and protein synthesis, thereby helping to increase muscle volume and improve strength levels.

    2.Promotes recovery and repair: Many athletes experience some injury or pain during training. Testosterone isocaproate promotes the body's repair and recovery from injury or pain, reducing recovery time.

    3.Improve sports performance: Testosterone isocaproate can increase oxygen delivery to muscles and the number of red blood cells, thereby improving the endurance and sports performance of athletes.

    4.Reduce body fat rate: Testosterone isocaproate can promote metabolism and fat oxidation, thereby reducing body fat rate.

    5.Promote immune system health: Some studies have shown that testosterone isocaproate can promote the health of the immune system and improve the body's immunity.

    Test Isocaproate Dosage:

    Test Isocaproate can be taken in the form of injection. For beginners the dosage is recommended to be 250 mg/week which can be taken once or twice in the week. For professional body builders the dosage can be increased to 1000 mg per week as well.

    Testosterone Isocaproate Side effects

    Testosterone Isocaproate has many benefits for bodybuilding, but it may cause the following side effects depending on the user's age, physical condition and other factors

    1.Cardiovascular system: Increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

    2.Reproductive system: Long-term use may cause reproductive system dysfunction and infertility.

    3.Liver: May cause damage to liver function.

    4.Immune system: May lead to impairment of the immune system, increasing the risk of infection.

    5.Psychiatric system: May cause mood swings, problems such as anxiety, depression and irritability

    Therefore, users can use Testosterone Isocaproate according to their own conditions, so as to avoid side effects and obtain maximum benefits.

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