Steroids Powder Metenolone Powder methenolone enanthate results Primobolan for bodybuilding benefits Dosage and Cycle
methenolone enanthate results Primobolan for bodybuilding benefits Dosage and Cycle
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  • methenolone enanthate results Primobolan for bodybuilding benefits Dosage and Cycle

    Product Name Methenolone Enanthate,primobolan
    CAS 13425-31-5
    MF C27H42O3
    MW 414.62
    Appearance white or off-white crystalline powder
    Purity 99%min
    Testmethod HPLC
    Payment BTC,USDT and TT
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    methenolone enanthate results are a concern of most users. This article introduces its benefits, Dosage and Cycle in detail

    What is Methenolone enanthate?

    The chemical name of Methenolone enanthate is 17β-hydroxymethyl-1-methyl-5α-androno[1,9-c]naphthalene-3-one enanthate. It is an oral or injectable steroid drug that combines primobolone with enanthate. Its molecular structure contains 17 carbon atoms and one oxygen atom. It was first synthesized by the German pharmaceutical company Schering in 1962 and launched on the market in the same year. It was originally developed to treat ailments such as anemia, osteoporosis, and muscle wasting, but has since been widely used in bodybuilding and athletic competition.

    Due to its relatively mild androgenic properties and few side effects, Primothenolone Enanthate is the choice of many bodybuilders and sports athletes. It is considered one of the safer and more effective steroid medications for increasing muscle mass, improving strength, and reducing body fat.

    Product Name:Methenolone enanthate

    Other Name:Primobolan enanthate





    MP:70-70.5 °C

    BP: 504.3±50.0 °C(Predicted)

    Density: 1.05±0.1 g/cm3(Predicted)

    Solubility: DMF: 30 mg/mL; DMSO: 11 mg/mL; Ethanol: 25 mg/mL

    Appearance: white or off-white crystalline powder

    Methenolone enanthate Benefits

    Methenolone enanthate is widely used in bodybuilding, which has the following benefits:

    1.Increases Muscle Mass: Primothenolone Enanthate is considered to be an effective muscle building agent, which promotes muscle development and growth. It helps increase the volume and number of muscle fibers, thereby improving overall muscle mass.

    2.Improve Strength and Endurance: Primothenolone Enanthate increases strength and endurance levels, enabling athletes to perform more intense and sustained training sessions. It helps improve muscle contraction and explosiveness, which improves physical performance.

    3.Reduce fat content: Primothenolone enanthate is believed to have a certain fat burning effect and can help reduce body fat content. It increases metabolic rate, promotes fat oxidation, and contributes to a firmer and leaner body.

    4.Preserve Muscle Mass: Primothenolone Enanthate is used by some bodybuilders to preserve muscle mass during weight loss. It can help reduce muscle loss and maintain muscle integrity and strength for a more toned and toned body.

    Methenolone enanthate Dosage

    Dosing of primobolone enanthate in bodybuilding is usually individualized and needs to be determined based on an individual's physical condition, goals, and experience. Below are some common reference dosage ranges.

    Beginners: For beginner bodybuilders who have never used steroids, it is recommended to start with lower doses to assess individual response and tolerance to the drug. In general, primobolone enanthate doses range from 15 mg to 30 mg per week.

    Intermediate Bodybuilders: For experienced bodybuilders, the dose may be moderately increased. In general, primobolone enanthate doses range from 30 mg to 60 mg per week.

    Advanced Bodybuilders: For advanced bodybuilders or professional athletes, the dose may be further increased. In general, primobolone enanthate doses range from 60 mg to 100 mg per week.

    Methenolone enanthate Cycle

    The cycle of use of Primothenolone Enanthate in bodybuilding is usually individualized, depending on one's goals, physical condition, and plan of use. Here are some common reference lifecycle ranges

    1.Cycle length: Primothenolone enanthate is generally used for a period of 6 to 12 weeks. This cycle length is thought to provide a good balance between increasing muscle mass and minimizing side effects.

    2.Dose escalation and decrement: During the use cycle, the dose may be escalated and decremented according to individual plans. Such dose adjustments help reduce the body's adaptation to the steroid and improve the drug's effectiveness.

    3.Interval between cycles: After each cycle of use, a drug-free period (also known as a cool-down period or washout period) is usually required to help the body restore normal hormone levels and minimize the risk of side effects. The length of the withdrawal period is usually comparable to the length of the use period, for example, if the use period is 8 weeks, the withdrawal period is also 8 weeks.

    Methenolone enanthate side effects

    Primobolan enanthate is a steroid drug that may experience some side effects when used in bodybuilding. Here are some common possible side effects of Primobolan Enanthate in bodybuilding:

    1.Hormone dependence: Long-term use of primobolone enanthate may cause the body to become dependent on hormones, which may affect the body's ability to produce hormones naturally.

    2.Build tolerance: During use, the body may gradually develop tolerance to Primothenolone Enanthate, which means that the dose needs to be increased to maintain the same effect.

    3.Hormone imbalance: The use of primobolone enanthate may interfere with the balance of hormones in the body, resulting in increased levels of male hormones and decreased levels of estrogen. This can lead to a range of side effects, including reproductive system problems, gonadal atrophy, and more.

    4.Cardiovascular problems: Long-term use of primobolone enanthate may increase the risk of cardiovascular system problems, such as high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

    5.Liver problems: The use of primobolone enanthate may burden the liver and increase the risk of liver damage and diseases such as fatty liver, hepatitis and liver cancer.

    6.Dyslipidemia: Primothenolone enanthate may cause dyslipidemia, including increased low-density lipoprotein (LDL), decreased high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and increased total cholesterol levels.

    7.Immunosuppression: Primothenolone enanthate may suppress immune system function, increasing the risk of infection and disease.

    8.Emotional and psychological problems: Primobolan enanthate may affect emotional and mental states, including anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

    It should be emphasized that the appearance of these side effects may vary due to individual constitution, dosage, duration of use and other factors. When using primobolone enanthate or other steroid drugs, you should pay attention to gradually increasing the dose from small to large, and consult your doctor or senior bodybuilding trainer if necessary.

    Methenolone enanthate Results

    To sum up, Methenolone enanthate Results is good when Methenolone enanthate fully evaluates its own physical state and is used at a reasonable dose. It can help users increase muscle mass, improve autoimmunity, prevent muscle loss and improve physical performance and strength. Contact us for more information on Methenolone enanthate Results.

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