Sarms powder RAD140 Sarms RAD140 Benefit and dosage for bodybuilding Testolone
Sarms RAD140 Benefit and dosage for bodybuilding Testolone
  • SARM Powder RAD140 Reviews
  • Sarms RAD140 Benefit and dosage for bodybuilding Testolone

    Product Name RAD140/Testolone
    CAS 1182367-47-0
    Appearance off-white powder
    Purity 99% min
    Package 10g,100g,500g and 1kg or as customers'request.
    Test Method HPLC
    Min Order 10g
    Payment BTC, USDT and TT 
    • Description

    Sarms RAD140 is a popular bodybuilding supplyment as the effect and benefit on gain muscle. Other name of RAD140 is Testolone. Know more about it,pls see below.

    Sarms RAD140 Reviews 

    Product Name:RAD140/Testolone
    Appearance:off-white powder
    Biological properties: selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM)
    Medical Use: Androgen Replacement Therapy (TRT)
    Other uses: Treatment of muscle wasting and bone loss, breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other diseases
    Bodybuilding Uses: Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat

    What the history of sarms RAD140?

    SARMs RAD 140 Developed by Radius Health, Inc., originally discovered in 2010 and received a license from Ellipses Pharmaceuticals in 2020.  

    Phase Ⅰ trials of SARMs RAD 140 in humans were initiated in October 2017 and completed in September 2020. Experimental results showed that SARMs RAD 140 had potent antitumor activity.  

    In early 2020, a single case report of drug-induced liver injury was published after the use of SARMs RAD 140, which appeared to be safer than testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in animal studies. 

    Sarms RAD140 reviews in building muscle  

    Studies of SARMs RAD 140 have shown that it has anabolism effects on muscle tissue by targeting androgen receptors in bone tissue to increase lean muscle mass without affecting the prostate, seminal vesicle and other androgen-affected tissues.  

    Bodybuilder uses SARMs RAD 140 to build muscle, burn fat, and tear muscle without compromising muscle mass. 

    Bodybuilder usually use anabolic steroid as supplements to build muscle. Anabolic steroid can stimulate the body of bodybuilder and improve the exercise performance of bodybuilder. Therefore, bodybuilder could conduct longer bodybuilding sessions in the gym.

    Anabolic steroids are traditionally the first choice for muscle building.

    But steroids are hormones, and steroids act on androgen receptors throughout the body, causing more side effects.  Bodybuilder has been looking for safer Bodybuilding supplements since they recognise the possible side effects of anabolic steroids.  

    Therefore, Bodybuilder's vision, from the traditional anabolic steroids, gradually changed to SARM.  SARM has similar effects to steroids, but with fewer side effects.  

    SARMs RAD 140, a member of SARM, is a class of chemicals that target androgen receptors in skeletal muscle with fewer side effects than anabolic steroids. 

    As a androgen receptor (AR),how rad140 works?

    AR (androgen receptor) is a member of the nuclear receptor superfamily of steroid hormones, which includes receptors for estrogen, progesterone, glucocorticoids, and halocorticoids .  

    Binding of the endogenous androgen, testosterone, and the important active metabolite, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), to the AR triggers a series of significantly different bioactivities that vary with the sex, age, and hormonal status of the user.  

    AR activity is essential for normal human sexual development and function, but in addition to this signature role, AR activation has important effects on various targets such as bone, liver, muscle, and central nervous system.  

    The therapeutic potential of androgen signaling is widely recognize in the chemical community, and for quite some time chemists have sought compounds that selectively stimulate bone and muscle growth while minimizing effects on sexual tissues such as the prostate.  

    This kind of compound is named as SARM. It selectively acts on bone and muscle to promote muscle growth and bone health, which is the basic role of SARM. RAD 140 is a type of SARM. 

    SARMs RAD140 Benefit  

    SARMS RAD140 Benefit of Gain strength and muscle

    SARMs RAD 140 has high synthetic metabolites and provides great force gain, it is an important substance for breaking stagnation and records.  SARMs RAD 140 increases the production of red blood cells and therefore increases the blood supply to muscle tissue, and a significant increase in strength is seen within 3 to 4 weeks of the cycle.  

    One Bodybuilder using SARMs RAD 140 noticed that his endurance level increased from week 4 onwards.  "It wasn't crazy at first, but I noticed that my normal weight seemed easier to control, and I felt like I had more power to do it a few more times. "  

    "By the seventh and eighth weeks I felt strong enough to start putting on 5-10 kilos.  I also noticed that my collection seemed to pass more easily. "  

    There are also Bodybuilder is in the use of SARMs RAD 140 2-3 days, can feel SARMs RAD 140 began to work, which is affected by the individual differences of users.  

    Bodybuilder using SARMs RAD 140 cycles for about 6-8 weeks can increase 4-6 kg of pure muscle mass, muscle clarity and tear effect both good.  

    Working Hard can lead to tiny tears in the muscle tissue.  To repair these tears, cells accelerate division, and SARMs RAD 140 promotes protein synthesis, allowing more cells and tissues to fill the gap.  Thus, more muscle is added. 

    SARMS Testolone Benefit of Reduce body fat

    Due to the high anabolism SARMs RAD 140, anabolism can be accelerated, which is conducive to fat burning.  

    Bodybuilder found that using SARMs RAD 140 reduced body fat from 17 % to 12 % after one cycle.  

    SARMs RAD 140 reverses the body's natural rule of preferentially burning muscle and retaining fat, protecting muscle tissue from being broken down.  It enhances the body's ability to burn fat to produce energy for muscle use, which is good for muscle maintenance and growth. 

    SARMS Testolone Benefit of Faster recovery

    RAD 140 strengthens anabolism and improves the way the body metabolizes energy.  As the body begins to store more energy, Bodybuilder can perform more rigorous bodybuilding without crashing.  This also further reduces recovery time, and Bodybuilder can participate in Bodybuilding more frequently and for longer periods of time using SARMs RAD 140.  

    SARMs RAD 140 improves the efficiency of protein synthesis and helps to achieve a balance between protein supply and demand, enabling the body to effectively deal with exercise stress while ensuring muscle fiber regeneration and recovery.

    SARM Powder RAD140 Reviews -Benefit of Pump

    With SARMs RAD 140, the muscle retains more water, making the muscle tissue appear larger and stiffer, and the veins become more pronounced.  The effect of SARMs RAD 140 in this regard is similar to that of the steroid Anavar. 

    RAD140 dosage

    SARMs RAD 140, like all other SARMs, is administered orally.  It has a half-life of 24 hours, so the frequency of use is once a day.  RAD 140 is still in the research phase, so there is no definitive information on dosage.  However, the active dose of SARMs RAD 140 was 0.01 mg/ kg, as shown below 

    Therefore, these data suggest that a daily dose of 1 mg of SARMs RAD 140 is effective.  In phase Ⅰ trials of SARMs RAD 140, doses of 50 mg, 100 mg, and 150 mg per day were used, and at these doses, SARMs RAD 140 had acceptable side effects.  

    For the Bodybuilder, the high dosage used in the experiment will not be used, nor will it start from the lowest dosage, usually Bodybuilder SARMs RAD 140 dosage is 10-20 mg /day.  

    Men and women differ in the dose of SARMs RAD 140, which is affected by differences in drug tolerance between men and women.  

    For men, the usual dose is 20 mg /day, and a dose of 30 mg /day may be used if SARMs RAD 140 is well tolerated.  

    Rad 140 dosage for women, the usual dose is no more than 10 mg /day.  

    Usually, Bodybuilder New to SARMs RAD 140 starts with a low dose and slowly increases to the desired dose to allow the body to adjust to the drug and reduce side effects.  

    Studies have shown that when the dose of SARMs RAD 140 is 5 mg, the effect is about 80%-90% of that when the dose is 30 mg. Therefore, if the dose of SARMs RAD 140 is low, the desired result has been achieved, and there is no need to increase the dose.  

    The period of SARMs RAD 140 is usually 6 weeks but can be extended to 12 weeks as appropriate.  The longer the cycle time, the greater the benefit, but also the increased risk of side effects. 

    SARM Powder RAD140 side effects  

    Phase I trials of SARMs RAD 140 demonstrated acceptable safety at doses of 50 mg, 100 mg, and 150 mg per day.  

    A case of drug-induced liver injury in a 52-year-old white man after taking a supplement containing SARMs RAD 140 was reported, in which liver enzymes returned to normal levels approximately 3 months after discontinuation of the supplement.  Since the man also reported drinking whiskey and beer daily and using recreational drugs, and the supplements he used were not SARMs RAD 140 raw powders but also contained LGD 4033 and an unapproved substance, it is not clear that SARMs RAD 140 would cause liver damage.  

    In the SARMs RAD 140 experiments, there was a good relationship between oral SARMs RAD 140 and liver lipids, and minimal elevation of liver enzymes was seen at doses 10 times higher than the effective dose.  Thus, SARMs RAD 140 has little to no hepatotoxicity. 

    Side effects of SARMs RAD 140 also include testosterone suppression, which manifests in longer SARMs RAD 140 cycles, typically starting at week 8 with decreased libido.  However, unlike steroids, SARMs RAD 140 induces testosterone suppression in that SARMs RAD 140 does not affect the HPTA system and testosterone levels spontaneously return to pre-cycle levels within 2 weeks after the end of the SARMs RAD 140 cycles.  

    Because SARMs RAD 140 does not affect the HPTA system, it is not necessary to use SERM as PCT after use SARMs RAD 140.  

    We know that the advantage of SARM is that it only works in muscle and bone. It was developed to treat diseases related to muscle and bone. Why is SARMs RAD 140 used in androgen replacement therapy?  

    This is why SARMs RAD 140 has the side effect of suppressing testosterone.  

    This is because SARMs RAD 140 can increase testosterone levels in the body, so SARMs RAD 140 can be used as androgen replacement therapy.  Testosterone is the most common androgen, androgen is the basis of muscle mass and strength development, which also shows that SARMs RAD 140 is a powerful product for building muscle.  Moreover, SARMs RAD 140 has been shown to be more effective than testosterone in promoting muscle growth. 

    SARMs RAD 140 increases the level of testosterone in the body, and from this we can speculate that SARMs RAD 140 may cause androgenetic alopecia.  Bodybuilder has reported feeling hair loss during use of SARMs RAD 140.  

    The essence of androgenetic alopecia is that testosterone is converted in the body to act on hair follicles after DHT.  

    Androgenetic alopecia, also said by Bodybuilder, is a familiar concept.  Androgenetic alopecia is caused by elevated testosterone levels, which underlie much of the anabolic steroid muscle building.  

    As a SARM, RAD 140 lacks steroid structure, reductase and aromatase cannot participate in and act. Therefore, SARMs RAD 140 will not be convert to DHT, and therefore, SARMs RAD 140 will not be convert to DHT and cause androgenic alopecia.  

    Some users observed the occurrence of hair loss, which may also be related to the high concentration on it .  You think it will make hair fall out, it will make hair fall out.  RAD 140, as a type of SARM, is highly selective and works mainly in bone and muscle, and the effect on hair is actually much less than that of most steroids.  

    If hair loss is observe during the use of SARMs RAD 140, it usually resolves after the drug is discontinue.  Or you can use steroids or SARMs RAD 140 in conjunction with some anti-hair growth products.  Some forward-thinking Bodybuilders intervene before the hair has even started to fall out. 

    Compared to steroids, SARMs RAD 140 is still much safer, SARMs RAD 140 does not inhibit affecting the HPTA system, does not cause acne, does not cause gynecomastia, etc.. 

    SARMs RAD 140 stack  

    The SARMs RAD 140 has excellent results and can be use with the vast majority of SARMs stacks, such as MK677, GW501516, LGD 4033, YK 11, etc .  

    Bodybuilder stacks RAD 140 with other SARMs to get better results.  However, these results still need to be achieve with appropriate exercise and proper diet.  So, work hard with RAD 140.  

    SARMs RAD 140 stack with MK 677 and S23: RAD 140 is very beneficial to muscle blood supply. MK 677 is effective in preventing muscle loss, and S23 is highly synthetic and metabolic. Therefore, this combination is beneficial to provide more strength and reduce fat on the basis of muscle gain.  SARMs RAD 140 Dosage 10 mg, MK 677 Dosage 30 mg, S23 Dosage 10 mg are use to operate in this combination for 8-week cycles with up to 10 kg weight gain.  

    SARMs RAD 140 stack with MK 677 and MK 2866: This combination is more friendly to older people, reducing muscle loss, improving joint health and improving sleep while building muscle and burning fat.  

    RAD 140 dosage 30 mg, MK 677 dosage 12 mg, MK 2866 dosage 25 mg.  

    SARMs RAD 140 stack with LGD 4033: Both in this combination have a high anabolic index, high fat burning ability, and can provide more strength and leaner muscles while building muscle.  This combination is also ideal for Newcomer.  The usual running cycle for this combination is 6 weeks, SARMs RAD 140 dosage 10 mg, LGD 4033 dosage 10 mg.  

    SARMs RAD 140 stack with YK11: YK11 is a powerful muscle-building SARM that expands rapidly using the RAD 140 + YK11 combination.  

    SARM Powder RAD140 Reviews

    SARMs RAD 140 makes Bodybuilder more motivated to participate in Bodybuilding and opens a new situation for Bodybuilder entering the bottleneck period.  

    At the same time, SARMs RAD 140 encourages the body to burn fat, which is good for some areas that are difficult to lose fat, such as the abdomen and arms.  Bodybuilder generally agrees that SARMs RAD 140 helps to lose stubborn fat, helps build sink muscle under thick fat during the gain period, and helps Bodybuilder achieve a leaner, tailored muscle appearance that AIDS in muscle carving.  

    In addition to helping swell and cut, SARMs RAD 140 always helps to build strength and endurance, no matter which stage of Bodybuilding the Bodybuilder is in.  

    SARMs RAD 140 is still in the research phase and is legal (except in Australia) for medical and research purposes, but not approved by the FDA.  

    However, SARMs RAD 140 is currently undergoing human clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of SARMs RAD 140 in humans.  If these trials are successful, SARMs RAD 140 could become the first SARM approved by the FDA. 

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