Sarms powder Aicar Acadesine/AICAR for bodybuilding Benefits dosage
Acadesine/AICAR for bodybuilding Benefits dosage
  • AcadesineAICAR for bodybuilding
  • Acadesine/AICAR for bodybuilding Benefits dosage

    Product Name AICAR/ Acadesine
    CAS 2627-69-2
    Appearance  White Powder
    Package 10g,100g,500g and 1kg
    Purity 99%min
    Test Method HPLC
    Min Order 10g
    Payment BTC, USDT and TT
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    TheAicar AMPK activator, also called AICARiboside or Acadesine,  AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is an activator that permeates cell membranes. AMPK is a key protein in metabolic regulation, which can regulate cell energy and control cell metabolism.  

    Why Aicar AMPK activator could help you with bodybuilding cycle?We need to know what is AMPK and how AMPK work first.

    What is AMPK in your body?

    AMPK is a complex heterotrimeric structure, which consists of one catalytic subunit and two regulatory subunits. The α subunits (α1 and α2) are catalytic subunits, with a molecular weight of 63KD.  β and γ subunits are regulatory subunits, β subunit has β1, β2 isoforms;  γ subunit has γ1, γ2, γ3 isoforms.  AMPK is widely present in eukaryotic cells.

    AMPKα1 is mainly distribute in liver, kidney, heart, lung, brain and islet β-cells.  

    Ampkα2 is mainly distribute in skeletal muscle, heart and liver.  In terms of cell distribution, AMPKα1 and AMPKα2 are also different, AMPKα1 is mainly distributed in the cytoplasm, while AMPKα2 is mainly present in the nucleus.  

    AMPK activity is regulated by the energy change in the cell and is a monitor of the energy change in the cell, mainly regulated by the AMP/ATP ratio in the cell.  Under normal conditions, the AMP/ATP ratio remains stable to maintain the basic metabolic energy requirements of the cell. When the cell is in a state of stress, such as ischemia, hypoxia, starvation, intracellular PH change, oxidative stress and increased creatine/phosphate ratio, the AMP/ATP ratio increases.  Thus, AMPK is activated, which causes the activation or inhibition of downstream signaling molecules, reduces anabolic metabolism, promotes catabolic process, improves ATP generation, and restores the AMP/ATP ratio to normal and maintains stability.  

    AICAR AMPK activitor is an adenosine analogue, which can be catalyzed by adenosine kinase to form its single nucleotide derivative ZMP in vivo or in cells. ZMP has an AMP-like effect, thereby causing the increase of AMP/ATP ratio and the activation of AMPK.

    How AICAR work and effect AMPK activation?  

    According to the introduce of AICAR AMPK,we will easy to know how AICAR AMPK works in your body.After AICAR AMPK use,causing the increase of AMP/ATP ratio and the activation of AMPK.That's mean there are more AMPKα1 and AMPKα2 in your body.

    Based on the role of AMPKα1 in islet cells, AICAR activation of AMPK inhibits fat synthesis, thereby reducing fat content in the body from the source.  

    Based on the role of AMPKα2 in skeletal muscle, AICAR for bodybuilding, after activation of AMPK, contributes to muscle growth and thus is suitable for fitness. 

    Studies have found that AMPK pathway inhibits tumor cell formation in normal tissues, and it has been proved to be toxic to most human tumor cell lines in vitro, which makes AMPK a new target for cancer treatment, and AICAR, which can activate AMPK, also has anti-tumor effect.  

    Acadesine/AICAR for bodybuilding basic information

    Product Name:AICAR/Acadesine
    BP:214-215 °C
    MP:726.3±60.0 °C(Predicted)
    Appearance:White powder

    How about acadesine bodybuilding effect?

    Acadesine bodybuilding can help you to achieve goals more faster and better. However, AICAR AMPK itself is not a fitness supplement, but a kind of intermediate substances indirectly acting on fitness.  

    AMPK, a protein kinase, is known to control cell metabolism and determine whether fat is stored or burned in the body.  

    AICAR as an AMPK activator, it can regulate cell energy and control cell metabolism, which is very important for fitness exercisers. 

    What about AICAR fat loss effect?

    As a AMPK activator,AICAR works well on fat loss during your bodybuilding cycle.

    First, AICAR AMPK increases the body's uptake of glucose, which is used as a source of energy. Once the body increases its uptake of glucose, it means that the body uses more energy than before. The most direct result is AICAR fat loss function. When bodybuilder uses AICAR for bodybuilding, AICAR increases glucose intake and also helps the bodybuilder boost energy levels, stay active throughout the day, and then have more energy to commit to bodybuilding.  

    Acadesine bodybuilding supplyment also increases the production of AMPK in muscle.Regular endurance training can increase the amount of this enzyme in muscle.  The study showed that AICAR made untrained mice run 44% longer in a plate test than those not given the drug. Therefore, AICAR for bodybuilding helps bodybuilders adjust their bodies to a level suitable for exercise, so as to achieve better fitness results.  

    AICAR also controls cellular metabolism, meaning that even when you stop exercising, the AICAR fat loss working still continue.

    AMPK also indirectly controls the rate of fatty acid oxidation by regulating mitochondrial function, and AMPK also activates and increases mitochondrial content.  Mitochondria act as the power factory of the cell, providing the bodybuilder with an endless source of power, which enables bodybuilder to keep exercising longer. 

    We know that when our food contains high-calorie and high-fat substances, some of these substances enter the human body and provide the needed heat through oxidation, and the excess part will be converted into fat and stored in the human body.  AICAR reduces the risk of obesity by increasing the amount of glucose the body takes in and reducing excess glucose from being converted into fat for storage in the body.  

    AICAR increases the uptake of glucose, produces more energy in the body, and adjusts the body to a state suitable for exercise, which is conducive to supporting long-term exercise, and is also conducive to health. 

    That's why we could have better fat loss effect under AICAR's help during you bodybuilding cycle.

    Moreover, experiments have shown that AICAR, when administered to laboratory mice, tricks their muscles into thinking they have undergone a long, strenuous exercise, thus increasing fat burning and calorie consumption.  After four weeks on AICAR, some of the inactive mice burned more calories and had less body fat than those who didn't get AICAR.  In this way, with the use of AICAR for bodybuilding, we can exercise more efficiently and burn more fat for the same amount of exercise. 


    Acadesine/AICAR AMPK not only has a large audience in bodybuilder, but also has many other functions, such as:  

    Treatment of cancer  

    Mutations in cancer suppressors and oncogenes are commonly associated with reduced AMPK activity.  In contrast, increased AMPK expression and activity were associated with improved survival across multiple tumor types in humans, suggesting that AMPK plays an important role in cancer.  

    AMPK may also exert antitumor activity through direct and indirect regulation of many important pathways that are essential for regulating cell growth and proliferation.  

    Cancer, which accounts for a quarter of human deaths, has always been the focus of scientific researchers.  Aging is something that is relevant to each individual human being.  AMPK plays an extremely important role in living organisms, which are based on cells.  

    Treat neuromuscular diseases  

    AMPK has multiple effects on muscle function, which may be beneficial for the treatment of neuromuscular diseases.  

    It has been shown that the muscles of mice lacking AMPK fatigue rapidly, and that chronic AMPK activation promotes the development of slow muscle fibers that are important for improving muscle function in mice with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

    In addition, treatment of mice and humans with the AMPK agonist AICAR was shown to increase blood perfusion to the muscle, which also contributed to improved muscle function. 

    Treat kidney disease  

    Chronic hypertension, obesity, and type 2 diabetes accelerate the development of chronic kidney disease and the progression of autosomal dominant polycystic pain to end-stage renal disease.  Studies have shown that AMPK activation with AICAR reduces the development of diabetic nephropathy.  

    Relieve chronic pain  

    Many studies have shown that AMPK activation inhibits pathways that promote neural activity associated with pathological pain signaling.  In preclinical models, AMPK activation with AICAR reduces nociceptor excitability, resulting in pain relief.  


    Scientists have found that AMPK activity decreases as human tissues age.  

    It has been shown that DNA-PK (DNA-dependent protein kinase) activity increases in response to DNA double-strand breaks, which increase with aging.  Dna-pk inhibited AMPK activity by inhibiting THr172 phosphorylation.  Therefore, activation of AMPK can prolong life span.  

    Alternatively, targeting AMPK may have an effect on aging by modulating mitochondrial fusion and autophagy, since aging is often associated with the accumulation of large, defective mitochondria.  In addition, there is evidence that AMPK activation may be BENEFICIAL to AGING BECAUSE it inhibits various inflammatory pathways, which may be involved in the control of mitochondrial content.  

    Thus, activation of AMPK with AICAR has an anti-aging effect.  

    AICAR activation of AMPK is still under investigation, and more benefits may be identified in the future. 

    Is Aicar legal?Is Aicar safe?

    These seem to be two problems, but they are actually one problem. Because its security determines the attitude of various countries towards it and also determines whether it is legal or not.

    AMPK was first officially named in 1988 in a paper published on European Journal of Biochemistry.  In view of the cellular function of AMPK, the study of AMPK agonists is extremely important.  

    Still, developing a drug that can directly activate AMPK and have a therapeutic effect has been a challenge.  The development of AMPK direct agonists was initially focused on finding compounds that could mimic nucleoside-dependent activation, although the identity of the nucleotide binding site on AMPK was unknown at the time.  

    It was not until many years later that 5-aminimidazole-4-carboxyamide ribonucleotide (also known as ZMP), a monophosphates derivative of the cell-permeable precursor AICAR, was found to be a direct AMPK agonist.  AICAR was first used in 1980 as a way to keep blood flowing to the heart during surgery.  

    With the emergence of AMPK agonists, researchers and scholars have carried out almost crazy research on AMPK. In 2019, two scientists from McStert University in Canada and Imperial College London published an in-depth review article on Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.  The vast therapeutic potential of targeting AMPK is evaluated in detail in a variety of disease areas, including metabolic diseases, cancer, neuromuscular diseases, chronic kidney disease, pain, and aging.  

    AICAR can be synthesized in the laboratory and is being evaluated in clinical and human trials. AICAR is safe at the doses used by researchers. However, the effect of AICAR on AMPK activation is very complex and involves too many different metabolic pathways in the body.  The specific side effects of AICAR activating AMPK are still being studied.  What is known is that excessive activation of AMPK, or activation of it in the wrong tissues, can lead to including neurodegeneration or the arrest of cell division.  

    AICAR is an experimental compound that can be used clinically to treat metabolic disorders but has not been approved for human treatment.  

    However, as an analogue of AMP, AICAR has been widely used to activate AMPK in clinical studies. The effect of AICAR on cells is of great appeal to people. More and more people use AICAR for Weight Loose and AICAR for bodybuilding. 

    Acadesine/AICAR has a large number of loyal users, so, how to define the AICAR dosage?  

    In scientific and clinical studies, AICAR dosage are usually reported as 10 to 20mg/kg body weight per day.  If the weight of a human being is 50kg to 70kg, the aicar dosage is 500mg to 1400mg per person per day.  

    In practice, bodybuilder's AICAR doseage ranges from 10mg to 50mg, depending on the individual and the purity of the product.  

    AICAR is not a cheap product. Generally, AICAR for Bodybuilding can be used in conjunction with other fitness SARMs.  

    AICAR powder can be used after dissolution,it is aicar solution

    AICAR is a white powder that is soluble in water, ethanol, methanol and DMSO or dimethylformamide.  

    The solubility of AICAR powder in water is 75mM, and that in DMSO is 75mM.  

    If you want to get a AICAR solution by yourself, try to make it the same day and use it the same day.  In the process of solution preparation, it is necessary to ensure a sterile environment. If the solution is contaminated in the preparation, the shelf life and application effect of the solution will be affected.  

    If it is necessary to prepare the reserve solution in advance, it is recommended to separate the prepared solution into sealed vials and store it under freezing to avoid the effect loss caused by repeated freezing and thawing.  If you need to use a solution stored in a frozen condition, it is recommended to take it out in advance and let it stand at room temperature for at least an hour.  

    If there is precipitation or precipitation in the process of preparing the solution, it can be dissolved by heating or ultrasound.  

    The solution has a shelf life. Normally, the shelf life of the frozen solution is one month. 

    AICAR VS GW501516?  

    AICAR is an analog of the naturally occurring substance adenosine monophate (AMP) and PPAR-delta AMPK axis agonist, while GW501516 is a fully synthetic design substance and PPAR-Delta agonist.  

    AICAR is mostly in the form of powder. AICAR for bodybuilding needs to dissolve AICAR powder and inject it for use.  GW501516 for Bodybuilding is usually administered orally and is much simpler to use.  

    The consumption of GW501516 is lower, and the consumption of AICAR is higher than that of GW501516, and the price is higher.  

    GW501516 has been reported to have been detected in cycling races. AICAR, as a naturally occurring substance in the human body, has not been reported to have been detected in racing.  

    Both AICAR for bodybuilding and GW501615 for bodybuilding work to increase endurance and reduce fat, and when added together, they are even more powerful for increasing endurance levels and burning fat. 

    SARM Acadesine/AICAR for bodybuilding review  

    Acadesine/AICAR for bodybuilding is a substance naturally produced by the human body that plays an important role in many cellular metabolic processes in the body, and it is also a component of RNA synthesis. 

    AICAR can stimulate fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis in liver, stimulate fatty acid oxidation and glucose uptake in skeletal muscle, inhibit cholesterol synthesis, lipogenesis and triglyceride synthesis, inhibit adipocyte formation, and regulate insulin secretion.  

    AICAR activates AMPK to improve performance by as much as 40% to 50% compared to conventional endurance performance.  

    The test of AICAR in humans for a variety of conditions and proved to be a very safe drug at current doses. 

    However, whether AICAR for bodybuilding is safe for specific use depends on the dosage and the quality of the products using SARM AICAR.  

    As more and more people buy AICAR for bodybuilding, there are many middlemen selling SARM AICAR in the market. The actual effect of SARM AICAR is affected by the purity of the product. The higher the purity of the product, the better the application effect.  

    We are the manufacturer of SARM AICAR and provide AICAR powder with purity higher than 99%. Each batch of products is tested by HPLC, MS and HNMR to ensure product quality.  

    If you are interested in our products, you can contact us for more product information. 

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