Company News Winstrol advantages make it different from other AAS

Winstrol advantages make it different from other AAS

2023-04-26     Company News

AAS is a broad category, and there are many different AAS, all of which perform similar functions in general, but in fact each AAS is different. What are the advantages of Winstrol for bodybuilder to choose from among the many AAS?

Firstly, the ratio of anabolism to androgen activity of Winstrol was 320:30. Second, Winstrol is not a compound that gains weight quickly, but the muscle it uses is of higher quality and dry without any moisture. It's great for cutting and fat reduction.

Although Winstrol is not a rapidly gaining AAS, its anabolic activity is 320% that of testosterone and its androgen activity is 30% that of testosterone. It is still a powerful AAS. At the same time, it is the most commonly used AAS for Bodybuilders, has stood the test of time and has a competitive price.

Winstrol is great for cutting and for pre-race use. Its main function is to stiffen the muscles, giving bodybuilder a sharper and more stylish look. When used in cutting, it helps bodybuilder build strength and protect muscles from being broken down.

Winstrol cycle

Winstrol is a fast-acting AAS. After a week of Winstrol cycling, the strength and pumping sensation increase significantly, which may help bodybuilder perform better in the gym.

It is a dry compound that does not make the acquired muscle look bloated and full of water. After two cycles of Winstrol , the muscle becomes noticeably dry and stiff, and more blood vessels would occur.

After four weeks on the Winstrol cycle, muscle mass was still increase, but there was less body fat. At this point, you can see significant changes in muscle stiffness and dryness and blood vessel distribution.

Winstrol advantages

It is anabolic, meaning it can increase muscle development and calcium storage in bones without having to increase fat deposits;

Clearer muscles without fluid accumulation (edema);

The increased muscle mass produced by this substance leads to more fat breakdown, resulting in a clearer body shape in less time;

Increase the production of collagen fibers by reducing fluid and fat in the subcutaneous tissue (below the skin), resulting in more even skin appearance with fewer wrinkles;

Take Winstrol orally or by injection and is bodybuilder's steroid of choice. The drug is also commonly use to shorten cycles to maintain their lean muscle mass. Winstrol provides a significant boost in strength, no water retention, and muscle retention while losing fat, giving bodybuilder a leaner, toned muscular appearance.

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