Company News What's Steroid Winstrol Dose, How to Use it ?

What's Steroid Winstrol Dose, How to Use it ?

2023-04-27     Company News

Winstrol is a popular oral AAS for bodybuilders to help them build lean muscle and lose fat, how should we choose the right dose?

Winstrol dose for men

The standard dose of Winstrol is 25-100mg daily. This means that any dose of bodybuilder from 25mg to 100mg daily is feasible.

Winstrol works at low doses, so bodybuilder generally starts at low doses to avoid liver toxicity.

For Bodybuilders who just want to improve their performance, take 25-50mg every other day.

For experienced Bodybuilders, the safe dose of choice is 50mg/day, which is sufficient to achieve plump muscles with minimal side effects.

Doses of 100mg/day are also common 1-2 weeks before a race.

For female Bodybuilders, the usual oral dose of 5mg is suitable for most people. If the female bodybuilder is not masculine at a dose of 5mg per day or is within control, the dose may be increased to 10mg/day.

Because of the high oral bioavailability of Winstrol , Winstrol is mostly use for oral use and is actually an injectable AAS. But unlike other AAS, Stanozolols are not oily, but water-based suspensions, which can be painful when injected, so bodybuilder usually chooses to take them orally because they are easier to control.

Winstrol half-life

Winstrol has a short half-life and it is best to divide a day's dose into two doses when taking it orally. If used by injection, once a day should be enough.

The standard cycle of Winstrol is 4-6 weeks, and its cycle length is also related to the dose used. In general, the lower the dose, the longer the cycle, and the higher the dose, the shorter cycle.

When stack with other non-hepatotoxic AAS, a low doses for an appropriately extende period of use.
Winstrol is often used in combination with testosterone. Many Bodybuilders choose this stacking mode to build muscle and reduce fat. The stacking of the two, working together, can help bodybuilder break through the limitations or lull they encounter when working out.

Winstrol is an excellent AAS for fat reduction, and when used primarily for fat reduction purposes, the lowest dose will do the job. When using it primarily to increase strength levels, use it in intermediate doses. When use it for the purpose of dilation, should choose a high dose.

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