Company News What supplement does female use for bodybuilding

What supplement does female use for bodybuilding

2022-08-29     Company News

Effects of anabolic steroids in Bodybuilding  

When adult men experience a drop in testosterone levels, in addition to affecting libido, they may lack motivation to exercise and feel tired.  For a bodybuilder, you cannot put it into a Bodybuilding.  

Although testosterone is not directly involved in muscle growth, it acts as a commander and directs various nutrients, such as proteins, to muscle repair and growth.  Therefore, if the level of testosterone in the body is insufficient, even if the bodybuilder supplements more nutrition, it will be difficult to grow muscle.  

Increased androgen levels promote the expression of androgen receptors, and the process of myoblast fusion to produce myotubes is closely related to androgen receptor levels.  

Androgens have the effect of promoting the size of skeletal muscle cells, which leads to muscle growth. At the same time, increased levels of androgens increase muscle strength.  

So, initially bodybuilder chose to use anabolic steroids to aid Bodybuilding.  Anabolic steroids are similar TO SYNTHETIC male SEX hormones. They are a class of chemically synthesized derivatives that are similar in structure and activity to the human male hormone testosterone.  

However, the use of anabolic steroids has associated side effects.  

Anabolic steroids disrupt the body's hormonal system, disrupting the body's normal production of hormones.  Cause facial acne, acne, etc.  In men, it can also cause low testosterone, breast development and testicular shrinkage.  For female, it makes them tend to be masculine, showing side effects such as smaller breasts, rougher skin, lower voice, longer body, and hair loss.  

Bodybuilder then turned to using SARM to assist Bodybuilding.  

SARM selectively binds to androgen receptors in bone and muscle without affecting other organs in the body, making it suitable for both men and female.  

Especially for female, the main hormone in the body is estrogen.  Excessive male hormone supplementation can cause irreversible damage to the body.  In particular, some anabolic steroids, whose androgen sex is several times that of testosterone, are basically not used by female.  

SARM are highly synthetic metabolic, low androgen, very suitable for female bodybuilder use.  

Anabolic steroids, although also synthetic metabolites, are more focused on hyperandrogenicity, while SARM is more focused on hypersynthetic metabolites and has appropriate androgenicity.  More suitable for female bodybuilder who do not need so much androgen sex.  

Hormonal differences in the body make female more fat than men.  

SARM, which is high in synthetic metabolism, helps the female bodybuilder burn fat better, especially some stubborn fat, such as belly fat and arm fat, to achieve a more perfect appearance.  

At the same time, these SARMs help the body use burned fat as bodybuilding energy, enabling female bodybuilders to better participate in Bodybuilding.  

Appropriate androgen sex, help female bodybuilder grow muscle, maintain muscle mass and strength, improve bone density, without corresponding side effects on female bodybuilder.  

All SARMs are suitable for female.  

Compared to anabolic steroids, many of which are not suitable for female, basically all SARM are suitable for female bodybuilder use.  

For example, SARM Andarine S-4, which was first developed, promotes protein synthesis, reduces subcutaneous fat and contributes to the growth of lean muscle.  

For example, the most powerful Testolone RAD-140 in SARM, high synthetic metabolism is part of the bodybuilder to break the bottleneck, gain muscle and lose fat.  

For example, Cardarine GW501516 and Stenabolic SR9009, agonists classified as SARM, regulate lipid and protein metabolism and help bodybuilder to better invest in Bodybuilding.  


Some people think that SARM is not as effective as anabolic steroids for muscle growth. Indeed, most SARMs are relatively mild, which is why SARM is safer without the side effects of anabolic steroids.  

But SARM is not less effective than anabolic steroids.  You can take a look at SARM YK11. YK11 was developed to act on myostatin. By inhibiting the secretion of myostatin, bodybuilder can directly counter the action of myostatin and maximize muscle growth.  Whereas anabolic steroids and other SARMs act indirectly on weight gain, YK11 acts directly on muscle gain.  

The development history of SARM is much shorter than anabolic steroids, but because it is more scientific and safer while growing muscle, it is highly respected by the new generation of bodybuilder, SARM will have a good future. 

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