Company News Non-steroidal drug and steroidal drug- SARM vs Steroids

Non-steroidal drug and steroidal drug- SARM vs Steroids

2022-08-30     Company News

When we search for “SARM”, most of the time, we shall see that there is a modifier in front of it, 'non-steroidal drug'  .  Why is there an emphasis on the non-Steroidal drug SARM?  Today we're going to talk about it.  


First of all, what is Steroidal hormone?  

Steroidal hormone is a kind of natural compound widely existed in nature.  In medicine, Steroidal hormones usually include adrenal corticosteroids (glucocorticoids and halocorticoids), androgens, estrogens and other substances.  

The commonly used Steroidal drugs in clinic are glucocorticoids.  These drugs mainly affect the metabolism of human sugars, proteins and lipids.  

As the bodybuilder, we can colloquially refer to Steroidal steroids as anabolic steroids.  Anabolic steroid is also the bodybuilding supplement that the bodybuilder usually uses.  


Steroidal hormones are classified into self-produced hormones and synthetic hormones.  Steroidal hormone plays an important auxiliary role in the functional activities of organs, tissues and cells of the body.  The growth, development and maintenance of the individual need the hormone in the body to maintain a certain level.  

However, due to the influence of age and environment, the level of hormones in the body cannot be maintained stable, thus causing corresponding effects on the body.  Bodybuilder also supplements Steroidal hormones related to muscle mass maintenance and growth for the sake of muscle mass.  


However, in the course of Steroidal hormone use, a large number of side effects have been found, such as acne, gynecomastia caused by estrogen conversion (male nipple swelling and sensitivity), reduced libido, and liver and kidney damage (related to its methylation).  


Bodybuilder had to find an alternative to Steroidal hormone.  

Since the 1940s, SARM has been used to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer, gonadal function, osteoporosis, and a number of other diseases that affect muscles and bones.  These Sarms exert a strong influence on muscle formation due to their high affinity, which makes BodyBuilder more inclined to switch from Steroidal hormone to the use of SARM.  


SARM as a non-steroidal drug, first of all, it is clear that SARM is not hormone.  

From the above, we understand the side effects caused by Steroidal hormone as the bodybuilding supplement, and SARM as the non-steroidal drug naturally does not bring similar side effects to the human body.  

Andarine S-4, S-23, AC-262, ACP-105, LGD 4033, RAD 140, MK 2866, YK-11, MK-677, GW501516, SR9009, AICAR. These SARMS are not hormones.  We can choose them freely.  

SARM selectively binds to androgen receptors in bone and muscle, with fewer side effects.  

SARM acts as a selective androgen receptor modulator that affects only regional DNA and acts only in bone and muscle to prevent muscle and bone loss, while also promoting muscle growth and bone strengthening.  

The difference between SARM and Steroids is like a lock and key system.  The cells in the body act as locks, and the binding sites of the cells act like keyholes.  Steroids acts as a master key to release every cell to promote protein synthesis and growth, even in cells that don't want to unlock.  

SARM is designed for a lock that works only on skeletal muscles.  The use of SARM for bodybuilding will not affect other organs such as testicles.  

SARM is 200 times more powerful than testosterone in stimulating muscle and 80 times more selective.  


From steroidal drug to non-steroidal drug, from steroids to SARM, is the development of science and technology, which gives people more choices. 

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