Company News What side effects are Oral Steroid Dianabol may have?

What side effects are Oral Steroid Dianabol may have?

2023-05-17     Company News

All AAS has its side effects, so does Dianabol . Its side effects can be mainly divided into androgen side effects, estrogen side effects and hepatotoxicity.

Androgen side effects

Dianabol is a kind of androgen, so in the process of use, there will inevitably be corresponding androgen side effects. The most common androgen side effect is skin problems.

Skin problem

When hormones are disrupted by steroid use, an imbalance in oil and sebum production occurs, and more pimples occur around the pores. For women, there is an increase in facial and body hair.


Male hair loss problems, most belong to androgenetic alopecia (AGA), apparently related to androgens.

Dianabol works with 5AR to produce the same more potent compound as DHT, which is known to be strongly associated with hair loss in men, so large amounts of Dianabol speed up the process of hereditary hair loss.

Testosterone inhibition

All anabolic steroids inhibit or shut down endogenous testosterone production. Since anabolic steroid supplementation causes testosterone levels to rise in the body, HPTA decides that the level of testosterone in the body is sufficient and stops the production of endogenous testosterone. As a result, when the cycle is finished and the exogenous AAS are not replenished, testosterone levels in the body remain low.

The study found that just 15mg of Dianabol dose was enough to reduce natural testosterone production by 69% over an 8-week cycle.

Estrogen side effects

Exogenous androgen supplementation, in addition to the androgen side effects, will also bring the corresponding estrogen side effects.

Side effects of Dianabol include gynecomastia and excessive water retention (also known as bloating). This is an estrogenic side effect of being aromatized to produce estrogens.

A side effect of the Dianabol is to cause the bodybuilder to store a lot of water in its body, which also causes the body to retain more fluid and thus experience significant weight gain. Excessive fluid retention can make their bodies look bloated. If the goal of bodybuilder is to chop and trim, it is best not to choose to use it.


Because it is 17-alpha methylated AAS, Dianabol can have hepatotoxic side effects if used for a long period of time.

Dianabol may also raise cholesterol and blood pressure. Liver damage occurs when the liver produces too much cholesterol.

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