Company News The Dose of Tren A when I use for bodybuilding

The Dose of Tren A when I use for bodybuilding

2023-05-15     Company News

Tren A is a kind of AAS with high anabolic activity and is capable of acting up quickly, many people are interest in its effect and Dose. But as a powerful AAS, it's not suitable for many people. First of all, no one would recommend bodybuilder for women because it's too androgen active for women to use.

The Dose of Tren A in humans is not confirm officially, and all the Doses were base on personal experience and sharing by users. So, the dose you're getting may not be right for you, and you still need to check for yourself or seek your doctor's advice.

Tren A Dose

Overall, doses of Tren A ranged from 50 to 100mg per session. Note that this dose is per dose, not daily or weekly. It has a half-life of 2-3 days, which means we need ot use it every other day.

Compared to all AAS,50mg to 100mg is a very small dose. Since Tren A is a highly anabolic and androgenic aas, bodybuilder was able to achieve very good muscle growth and strength gain at this dose, and further increasing the dose would greatly increase the risk of side effects.

Some Bodybuilders might find that he could tolerate 100mg or 200mg Tren A per dose, or even 100mg or 200mg daily. This varies from person to person, and not everyone is suitable for such a high dose, but the risk of side effects is certainly greater at this dose.

The 50mg to 100mg dose every other day is the universal bulking dosage, which would increase appropriately if use it for cutting.

The Tren A dose was used every other day, and many Bodybuilders chose to use it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for easy memorization. When used this way, blood levels of Tren A decreased slightly over the two days of Saturday and Sunday, but this was not a major concern. Because it has a half-life of 2-3 days, slightly less than three, it is feasible to use it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on a weekly basis.


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