Company News What is the DHT derivative steroids Anavar

What is the DHT derivative steroids Anavar

2023-05-10     Company News

bodyAnavar, as a synthetic DHT derivative, is a commonly used oral AAS for both male and female bodybuilders.

Oral AAS

It is a synthetic C17alpha alkylated compound modified on its 17th C atom to allow it to pass through the liver, making it an oral AAS. It is also a hepatotoxic oral AAS, however, Anavar is much less hepatotoxic than metandienone (dianabol), stanozolol (winstrol), oxymetholone (anadrol), and other oral AAS. This makes it unique among all 17alpha alkylated compounds, with little hepatotoxicity even at high doses.

As an oral AAS,Anavar has a shorter half-life of about 9 hours. The shorter half-life allows it to enter the bloodstream faster and begin to take effect, so when bodybuilders use Anavar, it doesn't take much cycle length to see the effects it can have.

DHT derivative

Anavar is a type of DHT derivative, which typically does not interact with 5AR or aromatase.

As a DHT derivative, Anavar does not interact with 5AR to produce a more potent androgen, so it has fewer androgen side effects. Androgen side effects have been a major concern for bodybuilders, especially female bodybuilders, during the use of AAS. Acne, hair growth, and other issues may not be as serious for a male bodybuilder, but for a female bodybuilder they will be unacceptable. However, studies have shown that Anavar brings masculine side effects at 5% of the rate of testosterone.

Therefore, Anavar is the most suitable oral AAS for female Bodybuilders.

As a DHT derivative, Anavar does not interact with aromatase to convert to estrogen. Estrogen is a serious problem plaguing male bodybuilders, and a large number of anti-estrogens (such as aromatase inhibitors AI) exist to address this problem. Estrogen also increases the body's water retention, retaining a lot of water in the muscle that bodybuilder has worked so hard to gain. Although the muscle mass increases rapidly, the muscle that does gain mass will become bloated and less clear looking. High levels of estrogen have another side effect: gynecomastia. With Anavar , there is no problem with estrogen.

Anavar does not aromatize and has excellent fat-burning abilities. For male bodybuilders, often use it for cutting cycle or strength gain, and of course, it has excellent muscle building effects.

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