Company News The milder oral anabolic steroid Anavar with less androgen activity?

The milder oral anabolic steroid Anavar with less androgen activity?

2023-05-09     Company News

In a previous article, we have introduced the relationship between Steroids, anabolic steroid and anabolic androgenic steroid. Today, the product we are going to introduce is Oxandrolone Anavar. Why is this article mentioned again? At that time, we said that all steroid belongs to anabolic androgenic steroid, although anabolic steroid is the ideal purpose of synthetic AAS, but there is no real anabolic steroid. Because researchers can get steroids with less androgen activity, but not steroids with no androgen activity at all. The oral AAS Anavar that we're going to talk about today is the one that has less androgen activity.

Oxandrolone, which is the chemical name of Anavar, is actually its more formal name. So what is its androgen activity?

Anavar Androgen activity

Studies have shown that Anavar has only 5% of the masculine effects of testosterone. It is much harder for female bodybuilders to find an AAS that suits them than it is for male bodybuilders. Most AAS also have strong androgen activity while having powerful effects. Female bodybuilders themselves are more sensitive to AAS than male bodybuilders, and if they choose to use these AAS to build their muscles, more serious androgen side effects can occur, the most common being masculinity. So Anavar is better for women than all AAS.

Studies have shown that a daily dose of 5-10mg for women lasting a cycle of 4-6 weeks is a relatively safe cycle. In this cycle, women bodybuilder easily gains muscle, reduces fat, and comes with a minimum of side effects. Women should try not to choose more than 10mg per day of bodybuilder over the course of their use, and for periods of no more than six weeks. Otherwise it will still be affected by its androgen action.

Although it is a mild AAS, it is also suitable for men to use. When it is used by male bodybuilders, it is mostly used for Cutting or increasing strength. This is not to say that it is not suitable for muscle building; its muscle building capacity is no worse than its fat burning capacity.

In this context, it is easy to think of Sarm, which avoids many of the side effects of steroids. The main one is that Sarm avoids the androgen of steroids. So sarm does not suppress its own testosterone levels and does not cause androgen side effects to bodybuilder. So why not go straight to Sarm? Compared with Anavar, Sarm has its own advantages.

Anavar, however, is still an AAS, which is more effective than Sarm and has been approved by the FDA. Perhaps in the next article we can go into more detail about the differences between sarm and Anavar, and how to choose between them.

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