Company News MK677 vs HGH, which is better?

MK677 vs HGH, which is better?

2022-12-13     Company News

Mk677 belongs to Sarms and is an oral growth hormone secretagotin that stimulates the release of GH and elevates the level of IGF-1 in the body. Helps maintain GH-IGF-1 axis activation and increase lean body mass. HGH, or growth hormone, belongs to the peptide class. It supplements HGH, which is a direct supplement of growth hormone. As sales of the MK677 continue to grow, we can't help but wonder: Why are so many people using the MK677? Is Mk677 vs HGH, mk677 better?

Mk677 vs HGH use results in increased levels of growth hormone in the body, acting as HGH in the body. mk677 and HGH are used for the same purpose. The difference is that mk677, as an agonist, indirectly increases HGH levels in the body, while HGH supplementation directly increases HGH levels in the body.

HGH, as a peptide, is compose of amino acids and is a naturally occurring substance in the body, which should be safer for the human body. Sarm mk677 is a synthetic compound, not a naturally occurring substance in the body. Logically, people are more likely to choose naturally occurring substances. Why is mk677 so popular? Is mk677 better than HGH?

Mk677 vs HGH

For two substances with the same function, which one we choose is to choose the product with better effect, less side effects, more convenient use and more advantageous price.

Which one is better? Actual use of bodybuilder showed that 10-20mg mk677 dosage per day was approximately equivalent to 2-4IU HGH per day.

Which one has less side effects? bodybuilder has shown that using mk677 and HGH in dosages, combined with proper diet and exercise, can effectively avoid side effects.

Which one is more convenient to use? Peptide HGH is used by injection. sarm mk677 can be taken orally or by injection and has a high oral utilization rate, so mk677 is more convenient to use. In addition, the half-life of sarm mk677 is longer than that of HGH, and many frequencies will be lower and more convenient.

Which one has an avvantage in price? From the information on the Internet, it is clear that the MK677 has a better price advantage.

From the above comparison, it is not difficult to see that the effects of MK677 and HGH are similar. If it was just to boost GH levels in the body, HGH would be preferred for the more cautious, and mk677 would be a good choice for experienced bodybuilder.

However, in one case, HGH is the only choice, because mk677 or GHRP-6 belong to growth hormone secretagotin and need to release growth hormone through the pituitary gland. When the pituitary gland is seriously damage and cannot release growth hormone, the HGH level can only be improve by adding HGH.

Why do so many people choose mk677 vs HGH, though MK677 vs HGH have similar effects and few side effects when used in their usual doses? This may be because mk677 is sarm, which is more convenient for transportation and preservation compared with peptides, and can avoid worrying that the unstable protein structure in the process of transportation and preservation will easily be decomposed and affect the use effect. Meanwhile, mk677 has a better price and is more convenient for oral use.

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