Company News If bodybuilder use HCG alone?

If bodybuilder use HCG alone?

2022-12-26     Company News

In pct,bodybuilder primarily uses hcg to help restore endogenous testosterone levels. However, hcg is mostly used in combination with SERM, and it is rare to see bodybuilder using hcg alone in PCTS. If bodybuilder use HCG alone?

Most pct drugs are Tamoxife(Nolvadex) and clomiphene(Clomid). They promote the release of LH and FSH and contribute to the increase of testosterone secretion.

The action mode of hCG is a little different. HCG directly simulates the action of LH, stimulates the secretion of testosterone. And helps the pituitary release LH and FSH in a state of inhibition, thus increasing testosterone level. hCG does not stimulate the secretion of the true luteinizing hormone, so it is usually used with nolvadex or clomid in the pct cycle and rarely alone.

Back in the 1960s, PCTS didn't even exist. And most AAS users didn't use any compounds to help restore endogenous testosterone levels. By about 1980, hCG was gaining popularity. At that time, hCG was the only pct drug. It was not until the side effects of long-term use alone became apparent that hCG was used more scientifically.

The purpose of using AAS in bodybuilder is to supplement exogenous testosterone and keep the body at a high testosterone level. Which helps gain muscle mass during bodybuilding.

Can hCG alone prevent testicular atrophy?

Testicles produce Testosterone. The pituitary gland releases two gonadotropic hormones, LH and FSH, to promote testosterone production in the testicles. Exogenous supplementation of AAS will inhibit the pituitary signal to LH and FSH, resulting in reduced testosterone secretion. In the steroid cycle, the body testosterone level was always in a high state, so the reduced endogenous testosterone level did not show its influence on the body. When the steroid cycle is over, the testosterone level is suppressed and the information from the pituitary to LH and FSH is weak, so the testosterone level is difficult to recover, and the effects of low testosterone symptoms on the human body are very obvious.

If the steroid cycle is short and we end it in time. It will have less impact on the testicles when the testosterone level rises. If the steroid cycle is prolonged, the testosterone is in a low level or even off state for a long time, it will cause testicular atrophy. Therefore, if the bodybuilder steroid cycle is long, it needs to add hCG into the cycle.

However, HCG increase aromatase activity in the body by increasing the expression of aromatase in the testis. The enzyme responsible for converting androgens into estrogen.  Therefore, addition of hCG in steroid cycle stimulates endogenous testosterone production and prevents testicular atrophy, it also increases estrogen level in the body.

Therefore, when bodybuilder adds hCG to steroid cycle to prevent testicular atrophy, it is generally not added alone, but together with aromatase inhibitors.

In summary, hCG benefits in prevent testicular atrophy and restore testosterone levels. But hCG is rarely used on its own and is often used in combination with aromatase inhibitors or SERMs.

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