Company News How to schedule my Equipoise Boldenone undecylenate dosage?

How to schedule my Equipoise Boldenone undecylenate dosage?

2023-06-02     Company News

Dosage is very important for us, but some times the exact dosage for bodybuilders is not so important. Because the Equipoise dosage range is large base on different people and at different stages.

The usual dose of Equipoise is 400mg per week, and during actual use, bodybuilders use it at a dose from 200mg to 800mg per week.

Beginner Equipoise dose is approximately 200mg to 400mg per week, the actual dose determine by bodybuilder tolerance and what you want to achieve. In general, people who have not used Equipoise should choose to start with the smallest dose unless you already have a foundation of AAS.

Experienced Bodybuilders use doses of Equipoise ranging from 400mg to 600mg per week, a dose that provides significant benefits and improvements for intermediate users.

Some people take 800mg of Equipoise per week or more. bodybuilder will benefit from higher doses, but never forget that higher doses are associate with more side effects.

Equipoise dosage for female

Equipoise has lower androgen activity and is therefore an anabolic steroid of choice for female bodybuilders. However, because women are more sensitive to androgen, although Equipoise has a reducing androgen activity, women need to be aware of androgen side effects during use and adjust the dose according to the actual situation. The typical dose of Equipoise for female bodybuilder is 50mg to 75mg per week.
The above is the usual dose for Equipoise cycle alone, and the dose range is also different when stack it with other AAS.

Enerally, when stack with multiple AAS, the dosage of each AAS does not need to be too high. In most cases, the medium dose is OK. The medium dose of Equipoise is 400-600mg/week, so 500mg /week is the most common stacking dose.

Equipoise , as an anabolic steroid with bulking as the primary choice, often stack it with other AAS, and testosterone is also a common stacking AAS. When stack Equipoise with testosterone, the experience of numerous bodybuilders suggests that a weekly dose of 500mg of Equipoise is a good choice. In most cases, the dose of Equipoise should not be higher than 500mg per week for stacking use. 300mg to 400mg per week is also common and good results can be obtained. In addition to testosterone, Equipoise is often stacked with AAS such as winstrol and Sustanon.

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