Company News Equipoise benefits-What muscle does Boldenone undecylenate increase?

Equipoise benefits-What muscle does Boldenone undecylenate increase?

2023-06-05     Company News

Since the anabolic steroid Equipoise has increased anabolic activity and decreased androgen activity compared to testosterone, we are able to understand the possible benefits of its use, including increase lean muscle, strength gain, fat loss, etc. At the same time, Equipoise is also different from testosterone. Its affinity with 5AR is low, and the binding of aromatase is less than that of testosterone, which makes Equipoise obtain more benefits than testosterone.

Equipoise increase lean muscle

The basic effect of anabolic steroids is their anabolic capacity, increasing muscle production and reducing fat accumulation. Equipoise promotes positive nitrogen balance by stimulating protein production and reducing protein destruction as well as resulting in retention of nitrogen and calcium plasma in the body, thereby increasing muscle size.

Equipoise also does a great job of increasing appetite, helping to get enough nutrients during weight gain to rapidly increase lean muscle mass.

Fat reduction is also the basic role of anabolic steroids. Women have a higher percentage of body fat; Fat accumulation in men increases with age, which associate with low or decreased androgen levels. Maintaining normal levels of androgens helps avoid fat accumulation.

For bodybuilder, a better workout is to want to build better quality muscle, however, when internal energy levels are low, the body burns muscle to maintain the energy the body needs. Equipoise 's anabolic action helps to reduce fat and retain muscle.

Equipoise builds muscle strength by increasing contractions, enabling muscles to provide more power during workouts. It also AIDS in bone health and tissue repair, significantly improving energy levels and overall performance during exercise.

Equipoise review

In addition to the basic benefits of anabolic steroids mentioned and not mentioned above, Equipoise , as a derivative of testosterone, interacts with 5AR and aromatase as testosterone does. However, in terms of its interaction with 5AR, Equipoise is converted by 5AR into 1-testosterone in male tissues, and 1-testosterone has a very low affinity with androgen tissues. Therefore, the effect of Equipoise on androgen tissues is much less than that of testosterone, or even no effect. In terms of aromatase, Equipoise binds to aromatase at about 50% of the rate of testosterone, so the muscle obtained by using it is drier. At the same time, Equipoise increases the distribution of blood vessels, making the lean muscle shape obtained more linear.

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