Sarms powder SR9009 SR9009 Stenabolic SARM for sale dosage and benefits
SR9009 Stenabolic SARM for sale dosage and benefits
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  • SR9009 Stenabolic SARM for sale dosage and benefits

    Product Name SR9009(Stenabolic )
    CAS 1379686-30-2
    Appearance White powder
    Package 10g,100g,500g and 1kg
    Purity 99%min
    Test Method HPLC
    Min Order 10g
    Payment BTC, USDT and TT
    • Description

    SR9009 Stenabolic SARM is a synthetic REV-ERB agonist, REV-ERBs are two unique members of the nuclear receptor superfamily, which contain REV-ERB-α and REV-ERB-β genes, The human REV-ERB-α gene is located at 17q21.1 with a total length of 7.9kb, while the REV-ERB-β gene is located at 3p24.2 with a total length of 5.0kb. Their gene structure is also very similar, both contain 8 protein-coding exons. The researchers found that the high expression of REV-ERBs was concentrated in peripheral tissues by quantitative PCR technology, especially in tissues with high energy demands, such as skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, brain tissue, liver, kidney, etc. Studies have shown that REV-ERBs have effects on circadian rhythms, fat storage cells, and glucose and lipid metabolism. By activating the Rev-erb protein, it increases cellular production through mitochondria, resulting in increased muscle energy while increasing metabolic rate. So, increasing mitochondria in muscle will result in increased strength as well as a dramatic increase in energy with an accompanying improvement in endurance.

    SR9009 Stenabolic SARM Basic information

    Product Name:SR9009
    Other Name:Stenabolic
    BP:547.2±45.0 °C(Predicted)
    Density:1.327±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
    Appearance:White powder
    Min Order:Powder---10gram

    Biological activity of SR9009 Stenabolic SARM

    Biological activity in vitro

    SR9009(Stenabolic)for sale dose-dependently increased SR9009 and its analog SR9011 in HEK293 cells expressing the chimeric Gal4 DNA-binding domain: REV-ERB ligand-binding domain alpha or beta and a Gal4-responsive luciferase reporter gene in a dose-dependent manner increased REV-ERB-dependent repressor activity. Furthermore, SR9009 was found to inhibit BMAL1 messenger RNA expression in HepG2 cells in a REV-ERB-α/β-dependent manner

    Biological activity in vivo

    The researchers found in mice that SR9009 caused a reduction in fat mass and blood lipids. In vivo, SR9009 inhibited the growth of malignant gliomas and improved their survival in mice without causing significant toxicity. SR9009 penetrates the blood-brain barrier and inhibits tumor growth in a xenograft model using patient-derived malignant glioma explants. Significantly improved survival in two different models of malignant glioma.

    How SR9009 Stenabolic SARM Work

    SR9009 Stenabolic SARM is an agonist of Rec-ERbA (Alpha), so SR9009 can enhance Rev-ErbA activity in our body. Rev-ErbA is a protein mainly found in muscle, skeletal muscle, fat and liver. The figure below is a molecular picture of REV-ErbA. SR9009 (stenabolic) works by stimulating the Rev-Erb protein that has an effect on circadian rhythms, fat storage cells, and glucose and lipid metabolism. By activating the Rev-ErbA protein, it can increase cellular mitochondria. Generation, let's see how SR9009 Stenabolic SARM works from the effects of SR9009 Stenabolic SARM on different tissues in the body?

    Molecular map of REV-ErbA

    1.Muscle tissue

    SR9009 Stenabolic increases the number of mitochondria in muscles by increasing the activity of Rev-ErbA in human muscles, mitochondria are the "energy factories" of cells whose task is to convert the fats, carbohydrates and proteins we eat into usable one's energy. When muscle cells lose mitochondria, they become weak, especially after injury, whether it is injury or muscle damage caused by exercise, recovery will be particularly slow. An increase in cellular mitochondria in human muscle results in increased muscle strength and improved endurance, while increasing metabolic rate.

    SR9009 showed a 50% increase in endurance during

    use due to increased mitochondrial numbers. SR9009 boosts metabolic activity and is known to simulate aerobic exercise without actually exercising, hence the name "Workout in a Bottle". It can promote fat loss. During use, SR9009 (Stenabolic) promotes the increase of mitochondria in muscles, which promotes the body to burn fat and increase endurance.

    2.Liver tissue

    Rev-ErbA organizes the production of new fat cells by binding liver fat cells, SR9009 (Stenabolic) enhances this effect, so this means that people on the SR9009 cycle will produce significantly fewer fat cells than those who do not take this compound, in essence Above all, it indirectly promotes fat loss in the liver because the body produces fewer fat cells.

    3.Adipose tissue

    SR9009(Stenabolic)for sale can promote metabolic activity and simulate aerobic exercise to promote fat loss. Rev-ErbA also blocks genes that allow the body to store fat, and SR9009 (Stenabolicbolic) enhances this, reducing fat storage even with increased dietary intake.

    Through the above understanding, SR9009 (Stenabolic) can promote the reduction of fat in human tissues, improve strength and improve endurance by enhancing the effect of Rev-ErbA.

    SR9009 Stenabolic SARM Benefits?

    Through the above introduction, we have a certain understanding of the working principle of SR9009 (Stenabolic), now let's take a look at the benefits it provides.

    Advantages of SR9009:

    to promote metabolism

    Improve cholesterol and cardiovascular health

    lose fat

    Improve stamina

    reduce inflammation

    Let's look at each benefit in more detail:

    1.Promote the metabolism of the new city

    The human body undergoes metabolism every day, and mitochondria are the "energy factories" of human cells, providing an important place for the new city metabolism of cells.

    SR9009 (Stenabolic) is an agonist of Rev-ErbA, which can increase the effect of Rev-ErbA protein, thereby increasing the production of mitochondria in cells, thus promoting the metabolism of the human body.

    2.Improves Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Health

    In animal research trials, SR9009(Stenabolic)for sale was administered to rats on a high cholesterol diet, and within 7 days, their blood cholesterol was reduced. This is an incredible health benefit. SR9009 (Stenabolic) is currently undergoing extensive research for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and shows good development prospects.

    3.Fat loss

    For many people, fat loss is an eternal topic, most people hope that there is a drug that can promote fat loss, and SR9009 (Stenabolic) is very effective in promoting fat loss。
    SR 9009 (Stenabolic)works in human muscle, adipose tissue and liver function in the organization.

    Through continuous research on SR9009 (Stenabolic), it has been shown to be very effective in fat loss in animal studies. Most given this were able to lose 60% more fat than other rats.

    SR9009(Stenabolic)for sale increases the number of mitochondria in cells by increasing the action of the Rev-ErbA protein, thereby increasing the body's metabolism, so users can lose fat even if they maintain calorie intake.

    4.Improves stamina

    The increased activity of Rev-ErbA protein can promote the increase of mitochondria in cells. The task of mitochondria is to convert the fat, carbohydrate and protein ingested by the body into energy, and the increase of energy can promote the improvement of endurance. In animal research experiments, mice ingested SR9009 (Stenabolic) showed a 50% increase in endurance.

    During the course of using SR9009 (Stenabolic), users were able to see this effect almost immediately, with most people seeing a 50%-60% increase in stamina after the first dose. This means that users can perform longer-lasting workouts. thereby promoting muscle growth.

    5.Reduces Inflammation

    Studies have shown that SR9009 (Stenabolic) is able to successfully and very effectively reduce inflammation.

    In addition to these benefits, SR9009 (Stenabolic) also does not inhibit the secretion of natural testosterone and does not cause the side effects of anabolic steroids.

    Most cycle logs and user reports indicate that users can lose 10-15 pounds from a cycle and greatly improve their stamina.

    SR9009 Stenabolic SARM doseage and cycle length

    In order to fully utilize the effects of SR9009, the user must know the dosage and cycle of using SR9009 Stenabolic SARM.

    Because human trials with SR9009 Stenabolic SARM have not been conducted to date, it is difficult to determine the optimal dose to use.

    Having said that, the general consensus among bodybuilders is that the recommended dose of SR9009 is between 10 and 30 mg per day. In some cases, experienced users have taken 40mg per day.

    Here are the best doses of SR9009:

    Primary: 10mg per day

    Intermediate: 20mg per day

    Advanced: 30mg per day

    The half-life of SR9009 is only about 4-5 hours. The half-life is so short that users have to take it multiple times a day to get the benefits of the compound. For example, let's say your dose is 20mg per day. This means you have to take a 5mg dose every 4-5 hours.

    Example - Dose 20mg

    07:00 AM, first dose of 5mg

    12:00 noon, the second dose is 5mg

    17:00 PM, the third dose is 5mg

    22:00 evening, fourth and final dose of 5mg

    Usually users will cycle this mixture for 6-8 weeks, users can feel the powerful effect of SR9009 (Stenabolic) very well.

    SR9009 Stenabolic SARM Bulking&Cutting Stacks

    Some users choose to take more than one SARM at a time for better results in their bodybuilding cycle, thereby building more muscle and losing more fat.

    The following is the stacking scheme of Bulking and Cutting:

    Bulking Cycle:




    Cutting Cycle:




    Since SR9009 (Stenabolic)for sale is naturally best for weight loss, most users choose to combine it with weight loss friendly SARMs such as Ostarine in the Cutting cycle.

    SR9009(Stenabolic)for sale can also be used during a Bulking cycle to prevent excess fat gain while building muscle.

    How to get the best SR9009 Stenabolic results?

    In order to get the best results from your bodybuilding cycle, we have some suggestions for you. Follow these recommendations and you will get 100% results in using the SR9009 (Stenabolic).

    keep your diet light

    keep training

    Buy pure, high-quality SR9009


    Keep your diet light and keep training, these two points are easy to understand, in the process of using SR9009 (Stenabolic), keeping these two points will give you better results.

    Buying pure, high-quality SR9009 Regarding this point, bodybuilders should pay attention to identifying the real manufacturer.

    Now there are many supplement manufacturers on the market who are shoddy

    Due to the slightly lower bioavailability of SR9009 relative to other SARMs. Sublingual administration can solve the problem of low bioavailability. Bodybuilders can place SR9009 (Stenabolic) under the tongue for about 10 seconds, using the developed capillaries under the tongue to spread more into the blood.

    SR9009 Stenabolic Side effects

    SR9009 Stenabolic is a newer SARM and therefore has not been tested in human trials, so its long-term side effects are unknown. Some short-term side effects can be learned by summarizing bodybuilding forums and user cycle log reports.

    The following are some of the potential side effects of SR9009 (Stenabolic):

    difficulty sleeping

    moderate nausea

    mild headache

    Since everyone's constitution is different, SR9009 (Stenabolic) affects it differently, and most users of online records claim no side effects

    SR9009 Stenabolic SARM FAQ

    1.Is SR9009 Stenabolic good for bodybuilding?

    SR9009 Stenabolic is a great compound for burning fat and enhancing endurance, which is why bodybuilders often use it for cutting, or during an "on season" before a show. Many bodybuilders report being able to lose 10-15 pounds from just one cycle of Stenabolic.

    2.Does SR9009 Stenabolic have androgenic effects?

    SR9009 Stenabolic is an agonist of Rev-ErbA, which can enhance the effect of Rev-ErbA, thereby increasing the metabolism of the body, and it will not affect androgens in the body.

    3.Dose SR9009 Stenabolic Require A PCT?

    Since Stenabolic is not a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator), a cycle of Stenabolic does not require a post cycle therapy, or PCT for short. It does not suppress testosterone production, and therefore does not require a Nolvadex or Clomid PCT.

    4.What’s The Best Stenabolic Dosage to Take?

    While dosages range from 10-30mg per day, most medical professionals recommend that beginners start by taking 10mg per day to assess their tolerance. For fat loss in bodybuilding, 10-20mg per day is typically the best Stenabolic dosage.

    5.How Does SR9009 Stenabolic Work in the Body?

    Stenabolic is a PPAR Delta Receptor Agonist, similar to Cardarine, which means that shortly after ingestion it binds to PPAR Delta receptors.
    From here, it signals your body to increase its' metabolism and switch over to ketosis, which helps to drastically accelerate fat loss.

    6.What is SR9009 Stenabolic Used For?

    SR9009 Stenabolic is most commonly used for fat loss and increasing endurance. In fact, many marathon runners and anecdotal users have reported being able to slice off over an hour on their marathon times from simply taking a cycle of Stenabolic.

    How to buy SARM SR9009 Stenabolic powder?

    SR9009 Stenabolic powder is the core product of our factory. If you need to purchase SR9009 (Stenabolic) powder, it is very suitable to cooperate with us. Our monthly shipment is 100kg, which can fully meet your needs.

    1.Please send me your purchase request through the contact information at the bottom of the page. In order to give you a more accurate quotation, we need to know product name, order quantity, delivery country, etc.

    2.When we agree on the product details, product price and shipping details, we will ship the goods to the freight forwarder within 24 hours after receiving your payment.

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    4.Once the logistics shows that you have signed for the goods, we will confirm with you as soon as possible to ensure that you have indeed received the goods. 5. After receiving the goods, if you have any questions about the product quality, please feel free to contact us.

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